Don’t Stop Yet

IMG_8210Today’s meditation was just under thirteen minutes long and was another of the guided meditations from the Calm app accompanied by an interval timer for my piriformis stretching. 

The topic of today’s meditation was about choosing your battles.

The thing is, everyone has those times when something sticks “under their craw” and they jump forward into an argument either in defense of something they believe in, or maybe just because they don’t like how something was said or who said it.  But if we spend our lives in that space where we’re always ready to jump on every little thing, it diminishes the joy we feel in the day to day.

This is where it’s important to choose your battles wisely.  Not just because you want to win or be in the right, but also because you don’t want strife and conflict to overtake the joys in your life.

Green Witch Tarot - The Battle WagonToday’s draw is the Chariot (which in this deck is known as The Battle Wagon), which is traditionally a representation of willpower leaning into action.  It is about motivation, progress, and success through determination.

The horses really stood out to me in this card today, but I think it’s more because they’re pretty than anything, because the message that came through when the card first hit the table was, “No rest for you today. Get back on the wagon.”

This is fitting, and was actually really good advice. I had a really nice and relaxing Friday with Gideon and I really didn’t feel like going back to work for these last three days of the holiday rush.  And yet… if I had not taken that advice from the Battle Wagon card this morning?  I’d be up until three or four in the morning tonight trying to finish the work that landed in my lap today.

Because I did listen?  I get to actually get some sleep tonight. That’s a win in my book.


LionHart’s 20/21 Tarot Challenge Prompt
: In what way can I use 2020 as an inspiration for 2021?

Inkromancy Tarot

Reading Summary: Continue with the changes that were started in 2020 (Death). Keep your eye on the prize even though the progress is slow going (Knight of Pentacles), and don’t judge yourself harshly for the extra time it takes (Judgement).

Take Away:  I need to remember that I’m not on a deadline where it comes to the emotional growth I’m working through and the changes I’m working on making concerning my work balance and personal care priorities.  This isn’t a race and there’s no finish line, which means it takes as long as it takes and there’s no such thing as “lagging behind”.  I’m so used to pushing myself so hard on every project and endeavor that I sometimes forget that this isn’t like making it through a holiday rush or working on a project with a deadline in mind. Stop worrying so much about how long it’s taking… or how long it takes… or whatever speed I am moving along that path.


#DiscordTarotolicsDec2020 Challenge Prompt
: Where do I find the most joy in life?

Bonestone & Earthflesh TarotLook at that Empress and Sun card.  Talk about artwork flow in a reading!

I find the most joy in life in my connection with the earth and celebrating that connection through enjoying time in the presence of the earth and her generosity.  When I connect with the earth through my time in the outdoors, I am given energy and an inner healing that I can’t find anywhere else, which is not just healing but also uplifting.

There is also an outlier here in the Ten of Wands which is an indication of a sort of self destructive joy I find in being busy.  This particular joy has to do with feeling like I’m accomplishing things… even if in doing so it grinds me into the ground.


Morning Bonus Read – Extreme Points Redux

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
“Last week we identified something in our lives that might be approaching its most extreme point in the absence of the sun, and how that thing is currently affecting us. This week, let’s revisit that same thing and go a bit deeper.”

Frosty the Snowman Playing CardsWhat do I need to do to prepare for the change that is coming?
Four of Diamonds

Rest.  You need to rest.  You’ve been going full-bore for nearly six weeks now.

As the holiday rush comes to a close, it’s time to rest and recover so that you can turn your gaze back to the “rest of the year” and other things with fresh eyes.

How will this change affect me emotionally?
Nine of Diamonds

The end of the holiday rush comes with a period of drop and anxiety.  A sort of “freak out” that the sales are slowing down and, with it, the money flow is as well.  Although this is a natural transition out of the holiday rush, it always feels a bit like you’re failing at something and it causes a “flailing” sensation as you try and find your footing on the changing landscape under your feet.

How will this change affect me physically?
Two of Clubs

It’s time to plot and plan ahead to where you want to go this year and what you want to accomplish. Preparations need to be made, not just for the business (plotting sale dates, etc), but also with your own physical well-being in the form of making sure you’re getting your nutrition back on track, getting out into nature as needed, etc.

How will this change affect me mentally?
Queen of Diamonds

You have a choice in this moment where you can turn toward what makes you feel secure and project that out to others to help them feel secure as well… or allow your inner voice to eat you up inside.  You are on a teeter-totter at the moment and you are going to need to lean one way or the other.  Make sure you lean into the good and healthy side of things.

How will this change affect me spiritually?
King of Hearts

Now that the holiday rush is ending, keep in mind that you now have the opportunity to reconnect spiritually both with those around you and also with nature itself.  Gideon needs your time and attention, and will help encourage and guide you toward those things that you need to stay healthy, happy, and spiritually connected. Allow his nudges to align with your needs and find that re-connect on a spiritual level that has been frayed and broken by the chaos of the holiday rush.