You’ve Got This

IMG_8233Today’s meditation was just under thirteen minutes long and was another guided meditation with interval timer for my piriformis stretches.  I’ve also begun adding in some forearm flexor stretches for my right arm, as the muscles have started to seize up from so many hours using the pliers and the repetitive action of the wirework.

The topic of today’s guided meditation was about how to work through difficult emotions such as loneliness, depression, sadness, etc. The key technique that is touched on in this meditation is in remembering that emotions and feelings are temporary. This time of year there’s a lot of people feeling alone, especially considering the pandemic and the restrictions in place around the world right now.  Feeling lonely or down is a common reaction to this.  They key is to remember it’s not forever, even when it feels like it’s forever.  It’s not.

Keymaster Tarot - The MagicianToday’s draw is the Magician, which is traditionally a representation of being in possession of all of the skills, abilities, and tools necessary to reach one’s goals and accomplish one’s ends.  It’s about being capable and skilled, resourceful and gifted with what is needed to get the job done.

Like yesterday,  there are colors and items in the imagery that stand out to me, but in this case it is more of an aesthetic appeal, as the message that came from the card when it first landed on the table was clear and succinct.

You’ve got this.

It’s the last two days of the holiday rush.

You’ve got this.


#DiscordTarotolicsDec2020 Challenge Prompt
: Do Spread #2
Question: How can I best ensure that I get the rest and recovery I need in the week ahead?

Traditional Japanese TarotReading Summary: The colors in the first two cards between the aquas and the greens connect the two cards together.  These two, connected as they are, recommend that new ideas need time to percolate.  Write them down in order to keep track of what needs done, and formulate a plan with Gideon to support you on sticking to it.

The shades of green in the Nine of Pentacles also holds a connection to the Ace of Swords. This is a reminder that now that the end of the holiday rush is at its end, it’s time to turn the mind in a new direction and take time for gratitude, and to acknowledgment of your accomplishments.

Take Away: As silly as it feels to me to need someone to sort of… “police” my activities in order to assure that I get the rest I need this week to recover from the god-awful chaos and exhaustion of the holiday rush… I also know that I’m not able to fully step away without that watchful (and somewhat constant) reminder that I’m not supposed to be working.  There are things to get done and I struggle with not doing them as they pop into my head, worried they won’t get done otherwise.  I need to make sure I’m writing these things down and making a list I can then work at checking things off on later after I’ve had a few days to recover.


Mystic Star December Challenge Prompt
: What is the best way to share my gifts with those around me?

Tarot of Light and Shadow

Reading Summary: Use what you’ve learned (Six of Cups) to inspire and motivate others (Queen of Wands). And allow them to help you (Three of Serpents) when you need help to defeat your own demons and come out on top (Five of Swords).

Take Away:  This is about making sure that I respect the give-and-take that happens between myself and others.  I always try to give and help, teach and offer… but struggle with taking help in turn.   The cards here indicate that I am capable of inspiring others even while I allow others to help me with what I need help with.  They are not mutually exclusive.


Self Care Saturday (On a Sunday)

These Saturday readings are (not usually) bearing in on any one thing or event in my life, as the question used is asking for a more general outlook. This is a self care exercise, and is not meant as a predictive reading… although that, too, happens on occasion.

The question is… What do I need to focus for self-care through the week ahead?

Steampunk Tarot, Oracolarium, Викканский Оракул Теней

EarthKnight of Pentacles and Water – Things are slowing down. You don’t really need the cards to tell you that as it’s very obvious, but of course here you see it plain as day.  Business is slowing from the holiday rush, and with it the money that comes in will slow as well.  Do not look at this as a shot in the foot and mourn the loss, but rather pace yourself to match the slow and be kind to yourself both in the stepping up of your self-care as well as in how you relate to yourself emotionally during this time of slowing down.

AirKing of Swords and Bear – You have done all that you set out to do and exceeded your expectations.  Now is a time to retreat into the solid footing you have created and feel a sense of  peace in the fact that you have done well.  Don’t allow doubts to set you off balance but own  your success with inner strength and confidence.

WaterNine of Pentacles and Crystals – Turn your focus to how secure you feel now with the success you have under your belt.   Changing gears during this time of year can be a struggle, but to keep yourself emotionally balanced you need to switch quickly to the good that has happened and the good that has been earned. Cast your eye to the positive and keep it there.  Don’t hesitate… do it now.

FireFour of Wands and Samhain – Again we see a sign of completion and endings.   This too, is an indication of the holiday rush coming to the end.  The chaos and wild whirlwind is closing out this week, and things settle once more into a more sedate pace.  This week is a time of rest and you need to do just that.  Even though there are things that need preparing for the new year, set them aside this week and worry about them after you have taken a few days to rest and recover.

WaningWisdom – Take some time for yourself this week. The Wisdom card is about collecting wisdom and passing it on to others, but this week you need to just cherish your quiet time and not worry about the rest of the world all that much. Some healthy seclusion is needed… share later.

WaxingEvocation – The theme of the evocation card is “to manifest change in the world, begin within”.  This card brings into focus that now is the time to shift back into what changes you want to make in your own life and in yourself.  Over the past few weeks you have closed yourself off, shut down your needs and ignored the demands of your body, mind, and emotions.  This week it’s time to turn that around and return your focus to a more balanced care for yourself.

Take Away – This week’s reading is all about the changing gears that come from shifting out of the holiday rush and back to the slower pace of everyday life.  Although this transition is not easy, there are things you can do to help yourself make this transition go smoothly.  Focusing on the positive you have accomplished, and the positive you want to achieve in yourself and your self care, making sure you give yourself the rest you need to adjust and be kind to yourself rather than harsh and judgemental.