Morning Bonus Read – Extreme Points Redux

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
“Last week we identified something in our lives that might be approaching its most extreme point in the absence of the sun, and how that thing is currently affecting us. This week, let’s revisit that same thing and go a bit deeper.”

Frosty the Snowman Playing CardsWhat do I need to do to prepare for the change that is coming?
Four of Diamonds

Rest.  You need to rest.  You’ve been going full-bore for nearly six weeks now.

As the holiday rush comes to a close, it’s time to rest and recover so that you can turn your gaze back to the “rest of the year” and other things with fresh eyes.

How will this change affect me emotionally?
Nine of Diamonds

The end of the holiday rush comes with a period of drop and anxiety.  A sort of “freak out” that the sales are slowing down and, with it, the money flow is as well.  Although this is a natural transition out of the holiday rush, it always feels a bit like you’re failing at something and it causes a “flailing” sensation as you try and find your footing on the changing landscape under your feet.

How will this change affect me physically?
Two of Clubs

It’s time to plot and plan ahead to where you want to go this year and what you want to accomplish. Preparations need to be made, not just for the business (plotting sale dates, etc), but also with your own physical well-being in the form of making sure you’re getting your nutrition back on track, getting out into nature as needed, etc.

How will this change affect me mentally?
Queen of Diamonds

You have a choice in this moment where you can turn toward what makes you feel secure and project that out to others to help them feel secure as well… or allow your inner voice to eat you up inside.  You are on a teeter-totter at the moment and you are going to need to lean one way or the other.  Make sure you lean into the good and healthy side of things.

How will this change affect me spiritually?
King of Hearts

Now that the holiday rush is ending, keep in mind that you now have the opportunity to reconnect spiritually both with those around you and also with nature itself.  Gideon needs your time and attention, and will help encourage and guide you toward those things that you need to stay healthy, happy, and spiritually connected. Allow his nudges to align with your needs and find that re-connect on a spiritual level that has been frayed and broken by the chaos of the holiday rush.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Extreme Points Redux

  1. We’ll get you back in alignment and where you need to be soon, my love. Very soon. And the cards are not lying…I need you so much. SO much. I feel like I’ve been stuffed in a dark closet alone and aching for the longest time now.

    God soon but it’s not near soon enough for me…I want you NOW.

    Just hold on a little longer, love. I’ll help you through the panic and drop stage and that readjustment. I’ll hold your hand every step of the way.

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