Morning Bonus Read – Extreme Points Closure

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
Blessed Solstice!!!! It’s here! That thing we’ve been talking about? Time to wrap up our meditation on it.

Christmas Playing Cards by Natalia SilvaWhat do I need to do now in order to facilitate this change?
Eight of Hearts

In the first week of this trio of readings, the Eight of Hearts came up to represent the change that needs to take place, and here we find the card come up again in representation of what I need to do now in order to facilitate that change.

The change taking place is moving away from the chaos of the holiday rush and allowing myself to find balance again.  The Eight of Hearts here indicates that in order to facilitate a smooth transition to this healthier way of doing things, I need to be open to the change instead of closing off. 

This is a message that has been repeated a couple of times over the past few days, with multiple warnings not to close down or close off, and make sure that I’m open to the changes coming and not fighting them or resisting.   It’s a good reminder, as it’s something I struggle with often… even when I know that the change is a healthy one.

What resistance to this change do I need to watch out for in myself?
King of Clubs

The seat of the resistance to change in this matter resides in my drive to move forward, to do more, and to expand my “empire” to it’s greatest potential. The problem being that I sink so deeply into that drive, and allow the voice of my father in my head to push me on past what is healthy and into a place of sacrificing myself to the cause.

What is the biggest effect that this change will enact in my life?
Three of Hearts

Emotional harmony both within myself and with others that I connect with in an emotional way.  When I spend too much time focusing on work and the business, it leaves far too little time to connect with others and spend time with them in quality ways.  Not to mention too much work and not enough play makes me a cranky boy.  By allowing that time with others and time for my own needs, it lightens my heart and opens me up to those bonds and connections I’d normally keep at a distance or shut down.


Morning Bonus Read – Making Magic

Yuletide Tales Lenormand - Making Magic Tarot Spread

What I Will

Tree – To get back in balance quickly at the end of the holiday rush. With the holiday rush at my back, it’s time to slow down and to do so in healthy ways that foster my spirituality, my physical health, and my overall well-being.

Earth – What would benefit from greater grounding and stability to help me encourage this outcome?

Mountain – In the time following the rush, there is a moment in time when you feel very lethargic and struggle with motivation. This malaise is a roadblock on your path to finding healthy balance, and to deal with this issue you are going to need to get out into nature and reestablish the grounding support and stability that your connection with the earth provides.

Air – How can I use my mind and my words to accentuate my will in this matter?

Heart – Be kind to yourself.  Don’t allow the negative inner talk to have its way, but instead allow the kindness and patience that you give to others to spill over and be how you treat yourself as well.  Berating yourself and treating yourself badly with negative words and harsh judgements is not going to help you find your footing on that path to balance and healthy well-being.

Mundane – What small activities can I do in my everyday to encourage the outcome I will into being?

Man – Spend time with Gideon. Not just in play… not just outside of play either.  Just time with him.  Get back into the habit of checking in, of messages and texts, of reaching out to him and spending time with him. He helps you in finding that path to a healthier you each year and it’s okay to lean on him for this support.

Fire – What will this ignite within me that I can use to burn away that which doesn’t serve my will?

Clover – Optimism and recovery will be fostered from within and allow you to discard the darker drag of depression and negativity that wants to take over during the shift away from the holiday rush. Allow that positivity to grow and encourage your recovery rather than habitually pushing it away for a more “grounded” (aka pessimistic) outlook.

Water – How can I best understand the subtle connection between the result of my will and the bigger picture?

House – Look around you and pay attention to how your well-being effects that of your loved ones.  When you feel happy and healthy and safe… so do they.  That connection then spreads from them to others much like a smile can spread from one person to the next.  It is much better to put that stability and contented happiness out into the world than the more negative emotions that try to encroach into your life at this time of year.

Spirit – With what magical energy can I connect to encourage the outcome I will?

Wolf (Dog) – The Fae.  It’s time to get back out into nature and connect with the friends you have there and the magical energies that they possess and are so generous with you. Take some time to frolic and play and reconnect with them and their energy.  It makes you feel good, bolsters your mood and your energy, and is an all around good thing that will positively enhance your efforts.


Morning Bonus Read – Extreme Points Redux

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
“Last week we identified something in our lives that might be approaching its most extreme point in the absence of the sun, and how that thing is currently affecting us. This week, let’s revisit that same thing and go a bit deeper.”

Frosty the Snowman Playing CardsWhat do I need to do to prepare for the change that is coming?
Four of Diamonds

Rest.  You need to rest.  You’ve been going full-bore for nearly six weeks now.

As the holiday rush comes to a close, it’s time to rest and recover so that you can turn your gaze back to the “rest of the year” and other things with fresh eyes.

How will this change affect me emotionally?
Nine of Diamonds

The end of the holiday rush comes with a period of drop and anxiety.  A sort of “freak out” that the sales are slowing down and, with it, the money flow is as well.  Although this is a natural transition out of the holiday rush, it always feels a bit like you’re failing at something and it causes a “flailing” sensation as you try and find your footing on the changing landscape under your feet.

How will this change affect me physically?
Two of Clubs

It’s time to plot and plan ahead to where you want to go this year and what you want to accomplish. Preparations need to be made, not just for the business (plotting sale dates, etc), but also with your own physical well-being in the form of making sure you’re getting your nutrition back on track, getting out into nature as needed, etc.

How will this change affect me mentally?
Queen of Diamonds

You have a choice in this moment where you can turn toward what makes you feel secure and project that out to others to help them feel secure as well… or allow your inner voice to eat you up inside.  You are on a teeter-totter at the moment and you are going to need to lean one way or the other.  Make sure you lean into the good and healthy side of things.

How will this change affect me spiritually?
King of Hearts

Now that the holiday rush is ending, keep in mind that you now have the opportunity to reconnect spiritually both with those around you and also with nature itself.  Gideon needs your time and attention, and will help encourage and guide you toward those things that you need to stay healthy, happy, and spiritually connected. Allow his nudges to align with your needs and find that re-connect on a spiritual level that has been frayed and broken by the chaos of the holiday rush.


Morning Bonus Read – Extreme Points

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
“Winter Solstice is approaching– only a couple weeks to go! This week, we begin looking toward one of the two most extreme points of the year– the longest night– and the upcoming return of the sun. ”

Christmas Playing Cards by US GamesIn the current absence of the sun, what is something in your life that may be approaching its most extreme point?
Eight of Hearts

The need to run away from the chaos and find a balanced  and safe place of refuge.  As the Solstice approaches, I find myself more and more ready for the end of the holiday rush to arrive.

How is this affecting you emotionally right now?
Seven of Hearts

I’m scattered and struggling, confused and having a hard time. There’s so much to do and so much going on, and I’m feeling overwhelmed.  The more overwhelmed I get, the more eager I am for the approach of that change to come.

How is this affecting you physically right now?
Three of Diamonds

I’m needing help from others to keep myself physically healthy right now. It’s hard to remember to eat, and it’s hard to stay on track with even the normal things like getting in regular showers, let alone other self-care things, exercise, and time outside for fresh air.   There’s just so little time.  Those that live with me help with the work, and they help with keeping me on track in other ways to keep me healthy and well.

How is this affecting you mentally right now?
Seven of Spades

I feel like any time I spend even a few minutes away from keeping up with my work and the holiday rush, I’m stealing that time from what really needs to be done. Stealing something I can’t afford and is undeserved.  I know that isn’t true, but that is the guilt that whispers through my mind whenever my hands aren’t filled with wire and pliers, or other things that need to be done.

How is this affecting you spiritually right now?
Six of Diamonds

I’m regressing into old (and unhealthy) habits.   The longer the holiday rush goes on, the more I am regressing.  I understand that I will be better able to return to my healthier new habits more easily this time, having done it before in the past… but at the same time?  I am aware that I’m regressing and feel helpless to keep it from happening in the moment.