Morning Bonus Read – Extreme Points

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
“Winter Solstice is approaching– only a couple weeks to go! This week, we begin looking toward one of the two most extreme points of the year– the longest night– and the upcoming return of the sun. ”

Christmas Playing Cards by US GamesIn the current absence of the sun, what is something in your life that may be approaching its most extreme point?
Eight of Hearts

The need to run away from the chaos and find a balanced  and safe place of refuge.  As the Solstice approaches, I find myself more and more ready for the end of the holiday rush to arrive.

How is this affecting you emotionally right now?
Seven of Hearts

I’m scattered and struggling, confused and having a hard time. There’s so much to do and so much going on, and I’m feeling overwhelmed.  The more overwhelmed I get, the more eager I am for the approach of that change to come.

How is this affecting you physically right now?
Three of Diamonds

I’m needing help from others to keep myself physically healthy right now. It’s hard to remember to eat, and it’s hard to stay on track with even the normal things like getting in regular showers, let alone other self-care things, exercise, and time outside for fresh air.   There’s just so little time.  Those that live with me help with the work, and they help with keeping me on track in other ways to keep me healthy and well.

How is this affecting you mentally right now?
Seven of Spades

I feel like any time I spend even a few minutes away from keeping up with my work and the holiday rush, I’m stealing that time from what really needs to be done. Stealing something I can’t afford and is undeserved.  I know that isn’t true, but that is the guilt that whispers through my mind whenever my hands aren’t filled with wire and pliers, or other things that need to be done.

How is this affecting you spiritually right now?
Six of Diamonds

I’m regressing into old (and unhealthy) habits.   The longer the holiday rush goes on, the more I am regressing.  I understand that I will be better able to return to my healthier new habits more easily this time, having done it before in the past… but at the same time?  I am aware that I’m regressing and feel helpless to keep it from happening in the moment.


2 thoughts on “Morning Bonus Read – Extreme Points

  1. Less than two weeks left, love. It’s almost over baby. Just hang in there a little longer.

    I know this is hard on you, I know that you’re not taking proper care of yourself and that worries me alot. Just hold on a little longer babe.

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