Morning Bonus Read – Extreme Points Closure

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
Blessed Solstice!!!! It’s here! That thing we’ve been talking about? Time to wrap up our meditation on it.

Christmas Playing Cards by Natalia SilvaWhat do I need to do now in order to facilitate this change?
Eight of Hearts

In the first week of this trio of readings, the Eight of Hearts came up to represent the change that needs to take place, and here we find the card come up again in representation of what I need to do now in order to facilitate that change.

The change taking place is moving away from the chaos of the holiday rush and allowing myself to find balance again.  The Eight of Hearts here indicates that in order to facilitate a smooth transition to this healthier way of doing things, I need to be open to the change instead of closing off. 

This is a message that has been repeated a couple of times over the past few days, with multiple warnings not to close down or close off, and make sure that I’m open to the changes coming and not fighting them or resisting.   It’s a good reminder, as it’s something I struggle with often… even when I know that the change is a healthy one.

What resistance to this change do I need to watch out for in myself?
King of Clubs

The seat of the resistance to change in this matter resides in my drive to move forward, to do more, and to expand my “empire” to it’s greatest potential. The problem being that I sink so deeply into that drive, and allow the voice of my father in my head to push me on past what is healthy and into a place of sacrificing myself to the cause.

What is the biggest effect that this change will enact in my life?
Three of Hearts

Emotional harmony both within myself and with others that I connect with in an emotional way.  When I spend too much time focusing on work and the business, it leaves far too little time to connect with others and spend time with them in quality ways.  Not to mention too much work and not enough play makes me a cranky boy.  By allowing that time with others and time for my own needs, it lightens my heart and opens me up to those bonds and connections I’d normally keep at a distance or shut down.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Extreme Points Closure

  1. There are alot of warnings not to shut down or close others out so I’m a bit worried that you’re leaning in that direction, though I haven’t found any actual signs of it in the communications between us. Don ‘t shut me out, beautiful boy. I’m here to help, hm? And to love you. GOD I love you.

    Change is always hard but it’s not always for the worse. Sometimes change is for the better and being open to that can open up all kinds of new opportunities.

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