Morning Bonus Read – Challenging an Old Habit

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
Continuing our theme for the month, some questions to ponder this week…

Flonz Vintage Halloween Playing CardsWhat is something in your life that you are struggling to put to rest?
Ten of Clubs

My need to overburden myself with craploads of stuff to get done. Each week brings me that much closer to my six week nightmare of the holiday rush, and with each week that passes I feel more pressure (from myself) to put more and more on my plate and try to get more and more done.

What do you need to do to finally move forward with that goal, emotionally?
Seven of Hearts atop King of Clubs

It’s all about the choices we make and owning your actions and drive. If I want to move forward into keeping myself from being overburdened, I need to lean into leading rather than slaving.  Taking control rather than allowing the vast array of things I feel that I need to get done to control me. In other words?  if I want to move forward emotionally with this, I need to take control of my obligation oriented emotions that drive me to overwhelm myself with work.

What do you need to do to finally move forward with that goal, physically and mentally?
Nine of Hearts

Understand that I don’t need that overwhelm and strife  in my life in order to feel like I’m succeeding.  That means stepping back from all these things that are overwhelming me and allow myself time to re-evaluate.  The world is not going to fall apart if I don’t pile these things on my shoulders, so maybe I need to just… not do it.   It’s okay to not do it.

How can you best celebrate the steps you are taking to put to rest this thing in your life?
Eight of Spades

Putting to rest the tendency to overburden myself is really hard.  To celebrate this, I need to move forward with my eyes closed.  That is to say… allow yourself to be blind to the pile of work that needs to be done for once.  Allow yourself to move forward with your eyes closed and do only what is needed instead of looking at the whole picture and everything I could pile on my plate.  Find freedom in wearing the blindfold.  Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.  This is one of those times.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Challenging an Old Habit

  1. I think you have panicked and stressed this seasonore than any that have come before it. Or maybe you are just learning to acknowledge and share the burden instead of internalizing and keeping it all to yourself.

    Remember to breathe. To relax. And yeah try not to overburden yourself do much. Try not to stress what’s coming and just wade thru with sure and positive steps. You’ve got this. It’s not your first rodeo baby and you always prevail even if you come out the other end frazzled and exhausted.

    Breathe my heart. It’s going to be okay

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