Morning Bonus Read – Boundaries Redux

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:

The best boundaries are the ones you set that don’t *require* adherence from anyone else, but rather set up a simple line for your own actions, or a cause-effect line for someone else’s. For example: I will not check messages from my manipulative relative, I will instead have a trusted friend do that for me. Or, If you break my things, then I will not allow you to use them. Etc.
This isn’t always feasible, but when we can set these kinds of boundaries we can take control of and responsibility for those places in our lives.
So this week, chat with your divination tools about your boundaries.

Ralph Steadman's Flying Dog Playing CardsWhich of my boundaries require someone else to respect them in order for them to work?

Boundary #1 – Queen of Hearts – Allowing others to come to me for support and not having the proper parameters in place.  So then they come to me about stupid shit or stuff I’m ill equipped to deal with and I find myself feeling all sorts of bitchy about it.

Boundary #2 – Ten of Spades – When I am at the end of my rope, on the ground and bleeding, this is not a time for others to come to me with their own shit.

Boundary #3 – Six of Spades – In a way, this boundary is related to the other two.  This boundary is about me, though, and not other people. It has to do with allowing myself the space I need to find a new path when the old one isn’t working for me.

Can I shift any of those to boundaries that do not require anything, but are simple cause and effect boundaries or boundaries on my own actions?

Boundary #1 – King of Diamonds – Take ownership of what I’m open to helping with and what I’m not. It’s okay to say no and send them on their way when someone comes to me with something that’s not in my wheelhouse. I’m not obligated to coddle anyone.

Boundary #2 – Eight of Clubs – Usually these times of bleeding and vulnerability are a time when I retreat from the world. This retreat sometimes encourages people to chase me rather than backing off. Being proactive and outright expressing “now is not the time” is  a better route to ensure these issues don’t happen.

Boundary #3 – Five of Spades –  The thing is?  I expect myself to be able to just move forward into a new path without conflict, but I need to remember that new things take time and debate and a little bit of struggle to work out where you’re going.  Instead of shutting this shit down, it’s a part of the process that needs to be accepted and allowed.

What boundaries can I not shift this way at this point?

Boundary #1 – Ace of Diamonds – This boundary is absolutely able to be shifted simply by changing the way I look at things and approaching the problem with a clear mind instead of just an open heart all on its own.

Boundary #2 – Ace of Hearts – Make sure when you deliver the “this is not the time” news, that you do so with love and kindness. Don’t turn this into a defense mechanism, but rather a way to define that there is a boundary in place so that you’re not overburdening yourself.

Boundary #3 – Three of Clubs – There is no inability to shift this boundary to a way of better handling things, I just need to keep in mind that the goal at these times is to find the direction that is going to align with my values and goals.

What I can do to move toward being able to take control of those boundaries at some point as well?

No cards were pulled on this question, as the previous question indicated that all three boundaries discussed in this reading are able to be shifted at this point.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Boundaries Redux

  1. Just for the record…I am -always- going to chase you. Not to push your boundaries or to force my burdens on you, but to help you with yours. Because you do like to hide away when things are rough and overwhelming and my job is to be here for you, to shoulder the weight when you cannot hold it all and to be by your side and support you in ALL things, at ALL times. Most especially when you are feeling beaten and battered and don’t know how to admit that you need to be held and comforted.

    I love you, beautiful. Always

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