IMG_1991Today’s meditation was just over twelve minutes long, and was a meditation on fostering loving kindness for both yourself and others, including those that you don’t particularly like.

It spoke about how the practice isn’t so much used as a benefit for those that you dislike for whatever reasons, but helps us in our own feelings and in letting go of negativity through projecting of positivity upon ourselves and others.

I really enjoyed the practice, and it seemed to actually release a couple of tightly wound knots within my chest.  It’s definitely one I will revisit again.

Four of Coins - Efflorescent Tarot (Color Edition)Today’s draw is the Six of Coins, which is a often a representation of harmony in the area of finances, resources, the physical world, and manifestation.   This can often translate into themes of generosity, charity and acceptance of charity when needed, and the balancing of scales in the areas of wealth and fortune through sharing.

I think that the message of today’s card goes really well with today’s guided meditation. Although one is more of an emotional and spiritual theme, and the other based more on the earthly plane, they both speak of generosity.  Together they are a reminder that generosity is not just something that benefits others, but also that benefits the self.  It is healing to the inner self to give to others, and healing as well to be on the other side as the recipient of such gifts.


#TarotForGrowthJanuary Challenge Prompt
: How is the universe inviting me to express gratitude for that? (Built off of yesterday’s reading.)

Golden Art Nouveau Tarot

Reading Summary: The King of Swords is bracketed on either side by resistance to change.

Take Away:  Don’t be such a stick in the mud.   Yesterday’s read on this topic was about going with the flow of my emotions rather than trying to close them out and allowing the more negative aspects of my addictions to take a step forward as a result.   The cards in today’s reading make it clear that expressing gratitude for the realization of how to go about this path isn’t in thinking about it or saying anything about it, but rather walking the walk and doing the hard parts like a boss while embracing this change.


#DiscordTarotholicsJan2020 Challenge Prompt
: How can you take advantage of it? (Built off of yesterday’s reading.)

Wheel of Fortune Tarot by Ivy Feng

Reading Summary:  I shouldn’t worry so much about my creative spark having been stolen away and going dormant as it was forced into submission by the fears and worries I was battling (Ten of Swords atop Seven of Swords).  It’ll come back stronger than ever (King of Wands) and with a vengeance (Eight of Wands) once I find my footing and my confidence starts to bolster once more (Nine of Pentacles).   Oh… look.  I read the cards backwards (realizes it after he’s typed it out).

Take Away:  That letter I received in the fall caused an internal mess that I didn’t even know was festering and growing under the surface all this time.  Over the past few weeks, it had gotten to the point that my creative spark suffered as a result and my creativity in my business became a bit of a chore rather than a joy.   These cards indicate that in having realized this process, to heal from this I need to recognize that things are stable and going to be okay.  I need to reestablish that sense of security, and by doing so my creative spark will find roots with which grow and flourish again.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt
: How can I treat myself with compassion?

Prediction Tarot

Reading Summary: Take the time to celebrate (Four of Wands) my accomplishments (Seven of Pentacles) with others (Two of Cups) now rather than putting it off until later (The Chariot).

Take Away:  Yesterday, while I was working my ass off on the overflow of unexpected orders, you reminded me to take pride in my work.  Although I didn’t realize it until you  said something, it was something I really needed to hear.   It’s something I need to hear more, because although I have a very hard time accepting anything I do is “good enough”?  Hearing it from someone I love and care about helps.  A lot.


One thought on “Generosity

  1. I love that I was able to help man. Both in the talk and even in just the little reminder I gave you last night about taking pride in your work. Each and every piece. I love that…my opinion counts enough to you that my reminder of this -matters- and isn’t just swept under the rug.

    You put a piece of yourself in everything you do, everything you create…you add some of your own pride and joy to those pieces and that makes them special. THAT is something to be proud of…as is your success. The letter was just a thing, an automated process, a cog in the machine, nothing more. Let the fear that evoked go and concentrate instead on how gorgeous your designs are, how special they are and how special YOU are.

    I’m so proud of you, man. And all that you do.

    Remember that I will be here when you need me. When you’re home, when you’re struggling, when you’re happy and celebrating…and even when you’re out of town at your mom’s. Especially then. I’m here for you, my love. And I’m SO proud of you.
    Stay strong and stay confident and do not let your mom push you around.

    I love you

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