Origins of Motivation

Today’s meditation was skipped.

La Republica Tarocco IndovinoToday’s draw is the Cavallo di Bastoni (Knight of Clubs) with the keyword “Partenza/Departure” attached to it. Traditionally, the Knight of Clubs is a representation of an active (projective) beta energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s passions and drive, inspiration, and principles.

Here in this card, what we see is the Knight of Clubs in departure, speaking of the fact that perhaps it is time to step back instead of charging forward.

As he waves goodbye, what is on his mind? What adventures is he looking forward to?  This speaks of exploring something new, but it also speaks of leaving behind what is not working for you.  The message in today’s card is about mores and principles, about the things that drive you… and the things that don’t.  It’s time to examine what motivates you.  Are you trying to pull motivation from places that are not interesting you anymore? Now is a time to look for some new inspiration to help propel you forward, or reconnect with ideals that you have slacked on of late.


#DiscordTarotholicsMar2022 Challenge Prompt
Topic for March 27th
: Do Spread #3

La Republica Tarocco Indovino

What to leave behind along with the winter’s chill?

La Temperanza – Don’t let the dregs of your depression pull you down or hold you back, but instead unleash your energy into the things that need to be done. Let the feeling of getting things done bolster you and lift you up.  You’re very fond of that feeling and it can be addictive at times, but right now? It’s needed.

What to take with you into the spring?

Sette di Picche (Biasimo) atop Il Papa – Themes to carry with you into spring include responsibility and ownership of your obligations and actions.  Just make sure to not carry the blame for others mistakes and adopt that onus as your own. You are very good at owning up to your own mistakes, but there’s no need to take on the blame for others as well. By showing how it’s done yourself, you are helping others to do the same.

What needs exposed to the light and the world the spring?

La Torre – It’s important to show the world just how well you recover and rebuild after crippling chaos. Allow people to see your struggles, and to see all of the things that you’ve gone through this winter. Take them on the journey with you as you recover and rebuild. As mentioned above in Il Papa… show them how it’s done.

What needs kept close for further contemplation and meditation?

Cinque di Bastoni (Malafede) – Consider what it is you need to be comfortable and feel secure. Are you heading in the right direction? Or are you letting your past whisper in your ear about old values that no longer apply? You can’t have both. You must choose to focus forward, or get trapped in the past and end up overwhelmed and held back by what you don’t really even want or need anymore.


Daily Self Kindness

I made sure to take some breaks from work today as I worked on catching up on orders.  I also allowed myself to take a short nap.

One thought on “Origins of Motivation

  1. Well I try to motivate you

    Of course my motivation doesnt allow you to be very productive. Just well loved

    I’m glad you got a nap in today love


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