The Offer… Motives MIA

Today’s meditation was skipped.

50 Extraordinary Dragons OracleToday’s draw is an oracle card, which does not hold a traditional meaning as tarot would. The card drawn is the Poison Dart Dragons card, which says “Dangerous beauty! A pretty or charming surface may hide something toxic.”

This is about the offer that my mother made recently, and how uncomfortable I have been feeling about it. Generous or not, it just… doesn’t feel right. It’s presented as kindness and concern for her son, and this is something I have always craved from her.

But the fact is, I need to remember who she really is and that this offer is not going to be without a huge amount of strings attached.  Today’s card is a reminder of this, and to make sure that I follow my intuition and instincts in this matter.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheMarchTarot Animal Guide Challenge Prompt
Questions for March 25th thru 27th

Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck - RaccoonMarch Animal GuideRaccoon – Teamwork and finding healthy balance between independence and community, goal-oriented, ingenuity, industriousness, cleanliness, curiosity, adaptability, and equality.

In the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck, the Raccoon is represented by the element of earth, and its qualities include creativity with a focus on talent, tenacity, and skillfulness with one’s preferred creative tools. There is also a concern that when one feels the need to wear one’s public “masks” that it can stunt the creativity one possesses and cause issues with self-image and obtaining success in their endeavors.

50 Extraordinary Dragons OracleWhat was your experience of this journey with me?

Salt Water Wyvern and Hulk Drake – It was difficult for you to keep your focused on the theme of the Raccoon Spirit, but it was possible to guide you into seeing things from a different perspective even with these hurdles in the way.

What is your impression of me now?

Young Forest Guardian – You are full of hidden potential, and far more cuddly than anticipated. It takes you a bit of effort to open up and explore when you’ve been struggling with depression as you have, and yet you still find ways to communicate your creativity and stay open to the world around you.

Has it changed in any way?

Porcupine Puffer Drake – At first, you seemed unwilling to connect and wanted to hold everything and everyone at a distance. Depression is a really difficult thing to struggle with and it’s understandable that, in the midst of that, you would not come off as particularly approachable.

What would you pass on to me before we part ways {for now}?

Two-Headed Ink Gremlin and Atlantic Wolffish Hydra – Remember as you move forward with the projects and endeavors you’ve set yourself to this spring and summer that to get organized, chaos comes before order. You have to make a mess in order to truly organize anything properly. Have a bit of fun with the mess of it all and don’t be afraid of the chaos, for what comes after is worth it.


Daily Self Kindness

I pulled half of April’s decks today.  I wasn’t going to do it until Wednesday, but I decided to break it up into smaller bite sized pieces instead.

One thought on “The Offer… Motives MIA

  1. I’m glad about your decision baby. I know you want to believe that she is offering frim a place of love but she has burned you so often and used her “power” as your mother against you so many times that I am worried she will lord it over you and wreck your sense of security you have worked so hard to accomplish

    I love you baby

    I’m so eager to continue play

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