Refine and Redefine

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Story's Fairy Taling TarotToday’s draw is the Art card. This deck is based on the Thoth system. In that system, Art replaces the RWS Temperance card, and it’s traditional meaning is about finding which elements are missing in your life, honing and refining one’s skills and abilities, and self-discipline angled toward a purpose.

In the imagery of this card, we see the three little pigs doing exactly that.  They work to hone and refine the house they are building to perfect it for their needs.

Today’s card is a reminder that there is still work to be done.  It doesn’t need to be done right this minute, in fact, it would be better to take some time to look over your plan and do a bit of refining yourself. Look for what’s not going to work, and see if you can’t adjust and refine things until you get just the results you’re working towards.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheMarchTarot Animal Guide Challenge Prompt

Medicine Cards - RaccoonMarch Animal GuideRaccoon – Teamwork and finding healthy balance between independence and community, goal-oriented, ingenuity, industriousness, cleanliness, curiosity, adaptability, and equality.

The Raccoon appears in the Medicine Cards Deck as card No.46, and is described as a protector and provider, likening them to the tales of Robin Hood and pointing out that, in groups, there is a great deal of generosity demonstrated in their behavior among each other.  Although this creature is often seen of as a “trash bandit”, they often steal not for themselves, but to further their community and feed those unable to feed themselves.

Story's Fairy Taling TarotA desire I should feed in support of my best self?

Queen of Wands and Nine of Cups – Do more of the stuff that you want to do, and less of the stuff you don’t. Indulge in your pursuit of happiness instead of setting it on the back burner.  Don’t allow you focus to pull you from the things you enjoy, allow the things you enjoy to distract you from your focus.

In what way could respecting my needs liberate me?

Death and Four of Swords – Respecting your needs will foster gradual changes towards a healthier form of rest and restoration, a more grounded inner narrative, and better sleep. It’s through being kind to yourself that you will be able to heal more thoroughly and find a better balance in your life for further restoration moving forward.

What is the first step I can take to honor my needs?

Ace of Pentacles and Three of Pentacles – New collaborative methods at work are needed, but make sure that when you invite people in to help you that you’re doing so in a healthy way for both yourself and for them. Look closely at your methods and how you interact with others and turn over a new leaf on how you go about expressing what is needed.


Daily Self Kindness

Today I went down into the basement storage and worked to get the shelves reinforced and the place cleaned up.  There’s at least 15 years of dust down there.  Piles of it.  And if I’m going to be putting stuff down there that I have to access somewhat regularly, all that had to be taken care of.  I’ll have to go down once more and wipe everything down with a rag, but when my body said stop?  I stopped instead of continuing to push myself to do more.

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