Up and Down and Up Again

Today’s meditation was once again skipped.

4AMVIEW$ TarotToday’s draw is the Wheel of Fortune, which is traditionally a representation of the unpredictability of life, luck (both good and bad), and the cyclic nature of good and bad that makes up our experiences.

Seeing that I am once again in problems with Etsy’s website, discard is very fitting for today. Somehow I have once again tripped over their automatic security system and been locked out of all 10 of my accounts. This happened last month and took a week to be resolved. Like last month, it started on a Thursday and I was unable to get any assistance to get anything resolved until after the weekend on a Tuesday.

I was hoping that this would be different this time, because I message to them late last night and made it clear that I had some refunds that needed to be processed and other customer service related stuff that needed to be done… And because this is the second time it’s happened so I figured that the solution would be quickly forthcoming this time around.

Unfortunately, it’s now been 24 hours since I contacted them and I still have not heard anything from them. So, I am assuming this means I’m not going to be able to deal with any of my customer service things until next week at the earliest.

Today’s card is a reminder that things go up and things go down and things go up again. This isn’t going to last and it’s not the end of the world, it’s just some kind of hiccup that they haven’t managed to fix yet. Once it’s fixed this time, who’s to say it won’t happen again next month? Or the month after that?

The Wheel of Fortune card being pulled today is an encouragement not to freak out, but rather ride the wheel calmly and wait for it to sweep upward again.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheMarchTarot Animal Guide Challenge Prompt
Questions for March 10th thru 12th

Animism Tarot - Seven of SwordsMarch Animal GuideRaccoon – Teamwork and finding healthy balance between independence and community, goal-oriented, ingenuity, industriousness, cleanliness, curiosity, adaptability, and equality.

And, as demonstrated in today’s Racoon card from the Animism Tarot… strategic-minded. Often, a raccoon will know how much to take, and how much they can leave behind, and the little bandits are not just clever, but can be quite sneaky as well.

4AMVIEW$ TarotWhat power would you like to give me right now?

The ability to better deal with your worries and anxiety (Nine of Air) through grounding and gratitude (Nine of Earth).

This is especially pertinent right now in light of the struggle that has resurfaced with Etsy this week.  Through grounding and gratitude, you can deal with this issue and any others that might arise with a far more calm and graceful approach.

How would you suggest I use this power?

Two of Air – Allow it to help you in making decisions based on a strong foundation instead of based on worries and fears. When you’re struggling with these anxieties and worries, it’s too easy to listen to fear’s whispers in your year and let them influence you negatively.  The more grounded you are, the less influence these whispers will have over you.

What can I work towards while I seek to embrace this power?

 Work on defeating (Five of Air) your melancholy and depression (Five of Water), and then at keeping it at bay one you’ve managed to pull yourself out of that dark pit (big-ass wide smile in the Five of Air). Don’t be so hard on yourself during this endeavor, as it’s natural for everything to be a bit more of a struggle when an MDE is added into the mix.


Daily Self Kindness

I budgeted my time with orders today so that I could also have some time with Gideon.

One thought on “Up and Down and Up Again

  1. All fixed, my love
    At least for now….they really need to get that shit fixed
    I’m glad it wasn’t as much of a disruption to your routine as last time. Nor as much a pull on your anxiety since you were more certain it would be resolved this time.

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