Spiritual Check-Up Tarot Reading

Spiritual Check-Up Tarot Reading - The Hush Tarot

What is my social well-being like right now?

Seven of Cups Rx – I want to step away instead of dealing with it or making choices. I’m not particularly social to begin with, which is not helping this reaction as all I want to do is retreat.

What is my emotional well-being like right now?

Five of Pentacles – Scarcity and loss. This answer is not surprising considering that I’m dealing with the loss of a loved one at this time. He’s gone and… there is so much that I have lost with his passing. So much that will be missing going forward.

What weakens my spirit?

The Tower – Knowing something will feel unmanageable, and thus can be chaotic. This feeling of helplessness creates a weakening of spirit for me.

What can I do to support my spirit?

Three of Cups – Be open with others instead of shutting down. A burden shared is a burden halved, and all that. Work on allowing others to uplift my spirits instead of wallowing in sadness is an important part of this process.

What can others do to support my spirit?

King of Wands – Letting others help me in getting done what needs done allows them to support my spirit and gives them a clear and easy path to helping me in getting through this time of loss.

What strengthens my spirit?

Queen of Pentacles – The need (and ability) to support others in a physical manner. To feed them, provide for them, and give them stability to grow from.


One thought on “Spiritual Check-Up Tarot Reading

  1. I know loss is hard. I understand grief much too personally, but it will get easier babe. I do need you to try and make a little time to check in with me. You’ve been even more scarce than I expected. Let me be there for you man

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