What Completes You

Today’s meditation was skipped again.  And I sound like a broken record here.  I know I need to get back on this, especially with the visit to mom’s coming up and the holiday rush now kicking into gear.

Blood Moon Tarot and How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Lovers card, which traditionally is a representation of making the choices that are right (and healthy) for you. It can also be an indication of successful unions (not just love unions), as well as of course, love, romance, and harmonious relationships.

Okay so, just sayin’? But this is absolutely my favorite Lovers card of all time. It’s so… earthy and magical. Beautiful.  And it fits so well with the message today in the affirmation card.

The message here is to look beyond what you want to see what it is you need.  What is it that you need in your life to make your life a life worth living?  What is it you need to nurture your spirit and feed your soul?

For me, as mentioned both in the wording of the cards and the earthy depiction of the artwork, it is time in nature. Time in the deep, dark forest with the damp earth and evergreens and all that lives there. This is something I crave and need deep within my soul. It is in spending time in these places, communing and bonding with them, that I find balance and beauty in the world and within myself.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheNovemberTarot Solitary Tarot Challenge Prompt
Topic for November 13th
: Write down something you like and dislike about yourself. Draw a card (or cards) to each.
Note: I let the cards choose for me what those things are that I like and dislike about myself.
Also, the resolution on this photo is crap because the room was too dark when I took the pic.

Heretical Fates TarotLikeThe High Priestess – My connection to my spiritual path and my knowledge in this area. The sensitivity and accuracy of my intuition and my faith in it’s ability to lead me forward.

What Is NeededThe Hermit – In order to connect more strongly with this part of myself, I need a certain amount of healthy alone time. That time helps to clear out the “static” and chaos of the world that can otherwise become too distracting.

DislikeTwo of Pentacles Rx – My inability to keep things balanced. I am aware that balance is never stagnant and ever changing, but I feel as if I should be able to do better at balancing my personal and professional life, my responsibilities and my self-care needs.

What Is Needed – Nine of Wands – Better boundaries are needed for myself in order to find that balance. Sitting down and taking a look at where those boundaries are needed, then sticking to them once they’re in place, is essential.


#DiscordTarotholicsNov2021 Challenge Prompt
Questions for November 13th
: Think of a problem that needs solving and pull cards in relation to… [Problem: My personal well-being and the short turn around time after the Thanksgiving visit is over.]

Blood Moon TarotWhere To Begin

Two of Songs – Enlist help. Look beyond what you usually do to enlist that help and go deeper. Perhaps see if Jer can come over and assist (suggested through the size of the left figure’s hands).

What Half Way Looks Like

Queen of Skins – Inspire others to do more. Remind them of how helping you helps themselves as well and feed their own ambitions in order to inspire them to work toward yours in this moment.

How to End Things

The Empress – Be supportive and you will receive support in turn.

Long Term Ramifications

Queen of Dreams – They will look to you for inspiration in the future through seeking out your advice to achieve their goals. In showing them that you can lead in this moment, you instill trust that they can depend on your advice and experience to guide them in the future.


Daily Self Kindness

I made myself a healthy second supper instead of taking the “easy route” and just eating some cereal.