Sometimes It Hurts

Today’s meditation was skipped once again, this time because sleeping was so much more appealing.

The Gnostic Tarot and How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Three of Air (Swords), which is traditionally a representation of heartbreaks, disappointments, and hurt feelings.  Now, you might think that this theme should be a part of the Cups suit that rules over emotions, instead of the Sword suit that rules over the mind. But, we have to keep in mind that it is through our thoughts that we experience many of our negative emotions, and depression resides within the mind and not the heart.  Thus, it is through the Swords suit we find the card that speaks to these issues.

The thing about unpleasant and painful experiences, is that we learn from them.  We learn how to be better or what to do better, we grow and grasp things from a different perspective… but it is through pain that we do this.   The affirmation card here is a reminder to allow your heart to lead, even in times of pain and disappointment.  Even when you fear that it may hurt in the end.

The message today is that old adage by Alfred Lord Tennyson… “It’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.”


Mr Lionharts’ #TheNovemberTarot Solitary Tarot Challenge Prompt
Questions for November 6th

Mystic Grove Oracle and Hush TarotWhat kind of energy surrounding me today?
Holly, Blackthorn, Yew, Two of Swords

Protection, especially from negativity, is a prevailing theme throughout the three trees that lend their energy to this reading. The Two of  Swords then indicates that in order to set aside negativity and protect yourself from it, you have to actually make an active and conscious choice to lean in a healthier and more positive direction.

Being aware of what’s happening with your pessimism and negative inner dialogue (Blackthorn), good luck (Holly), and the assistance of your guides (Yew) can only do so much to help you.  If you’re not willing to be decisive and put in the effort to lean into optimism, they won’t be able to keep you uplifted on their own.

How can I vibe with this energy?
Ash, Maple, Justice

Ask and you shall receive.  Cause and effect is a huge theme in your life and it is no less so here than elsewhere. If you give yourself positivity, work towards optimism, and be kind to yourself… in turn you receive positive results from that hard work. Your life becomes sweeter, happier, more positive and you become more conscious of the love and support that others provide you.


Tarot Nerd’s Better Boundaries Tarot Challenge Prompt
Questions for November 6th thru 8th

The Gnostic TarotWhat is my communication style?

Six of Air – Because of your mutism, you require people to abandon their normal ways of communicating in order to accommodate your needs in that department. Although you adapt to help others understand you more easily, they must adapt as well. Some are more willing to try new things… new methods… than others.

How can I best convey how I feel to others?

Death – Patience and adaptability are both necessary to get across your feelings to others.  Not just because of your communication challenges caused by your mutism, but because you are still learning how to listen to and understand your emotions. This means you are still learning how to express them in constructive ways. This change in how you deal with your emotions and express them is slow going, but continues forward one step at a time.

How can I best convey what I need to others?

The Fool – You can best convey what you need to others by throwing caution to the wind. Just come out with it instead of worrying about timing, wording, and strategy. Sometimes you just need to get it out and set it free.


Daily Self Kindness

It’s amazing how play with Gideon, even when it’s just something mundane and/or silly, can help make me feel more at peace and happy. Today we played Alexandros and Tatsumaki.

Cartomancy Reading – Focus On Practice

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
I wish you well on the start of this new month! It may be slow, fast or just right, but no matter the pace, know that you are still an amazing soul.

The Reminisce Playing CardsWhat is an aspect of my practice can I look into by the end of this week?

King of Diamonds and Jack of Clubs – You need to explore different ways you can get out in nature and ground yourself that won’t aggravate your knee. There are benefits you get from spending time in nature that you need right now. Benefits that can help you transition into the holiday rush that starts in a few days just a bit more smoothly.

How can I better apply this feature of my practice to my daily life?

Four of Clubs and Nine of Spades – Stop allowing your mental health to keep you burrowed in at home. Hiding away from the world in the comfort of your home and wallowing in that welcoming comfort might feel good, but it isn’t helping anything. In fact, it may be furthering the mental health struggles you’re trying to get a handle on.

What is a way I can finish this week with a better or more improved outlook for next week?

Three of Hearts and Jack of Hearts – Give in to pursuing those things that will lift your spirits.