Exploring Joy

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long, and was another of the guided meditations on the Calm app. That’s two days in a row!

In this morning’s meditation, the focus was on the breath, and the topic was about how, when we are stressed, our breathing often becomes shallow and/or uneven.

The guide in the meditation then went on to explain how, during these times, pausing to take a few slow, deep breaths can calm out bodies and minds, bringing everything back into a more relaxed mindset by easing anxiety and tension.

Solara Occulta Tarot and How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Fool card, which is traditionally a representation of childlike enthusiasm, naïveté, new beginnings, the start of a new journey (whether that be spiritual, physical, or otherwise).

I like the Fool blindfolded, as it is in this card. It’s not traditional, but I feel it is far more accurate to the meaning of the card than no blindfold.  Although, rose-colored glasses would be ideal.

Right.  Slight detour of thought.  The affirmation card for today is “Be Astonished” which with the blindfolded fool sounds just about right. They definitely seem quite taken with the flower they hold, and if they can’t see it, it must be the scent that mesmerizes.

The encouragement in these cards today is a reminder to appreciate the little things.  It’s okay to get carried away with your enjoyment now and then, and to take pleasure in the small things can be one of the greatest joys in life.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheNovemberTarot Solitary Tarot Challenge Prompt
Questions from November 15th

Pathfinder Oracle and Tarot of Sacred RealmsHow or in what area can l extend grace to myself?
Hawk and Knight of Wands

You don’t have to be on top of every little thing all the time. That mentality will begin to eat away at your enthusiasm over time, and can quickly lead to overwhelm.

Why is this so important right now?
Flood and The Hermit

Overwhelm can, in turn, then force you into a need to retreat and hide away from the world. At this time of year, those actions could have long reaching detrimental repercussions.


#DiscordTarotholicsNov2021 Challenge Prompt
Topic for November 15th
: Draw or write something free form inspired by the card(s).

Solara Occulta Tarot

There was once a thief hiding in a circus. He lifted treats, swindled cash. He swiped candy and prizes, and pilfered jewelry. Wallets in pockets didn’t stand a chance, and he poached the ringmaster’s dinner. (Seven of Swords)

He hid in the tents at night after closing, slunk through the shadows of pre-dawn light, and wandered among the crowds during the day.

One day the perpetrator of the perfect purloin was hiding in one of the trailers when the knife thrower’s assistant came in to fix her make-up. As she sat before the mirror humming a sweet serenade, the music slipped into his heart and pulled upon strings deep within himself that he didn’t know he had. (The High Priestess)

Her voice was melodic and pervasive, swirling through his soul and speaking to his spirit, and he fell so deeply in love with her that he couldn’t stand to have her in danger.

That night he planned his biggest heist yet, and as the circus slept he crept into the knife thrower’s tent and stole all his knives.

Feeling certain that she would now be safe and that he had outsmarted the knife thrower, he slipped off into the night, wracking his brain on how he might impress her on the morrow. (Ace of Swords)


Daily Self Kindness

I forced Jer to get his ass up and come help me package orders.

Gideon’s Challenge

IMG_6902Nature’s Hypnotics

Drip.. Drip..
Drip… Drip…
Raindrops fall
from slate gray clouds
kissing every surface
trailing along
curves and slopes
they drip from leaf tips
and little lateral buds
I could watch
this process for hours
if only the bite of cold
didn’t require
continued movement

Photo © ZenStatePhotography

Difficult People Lenormand Reading

Oraculum Parvum Stellae Internae

Interestingly, I had indented to do this reading about a specific person in my best friend’s life, but it ended up being about two people (mother and son) instead of just the one.  This was unexpected, but considering their relationship, perhaps not all that surprising on deeper reflection. I have been given permission to post this reading as long as names and identifying info are not included.

Why does this person bother you so much?

Book and Key – Because he’s a know-it-all and he has the “keys to the castle”. You have to stay on his good side in order to stay on everyone else’s good side, and he knows it and uses it to his advantage.

What stands in the way of accepting this person as they are?

Garden and Cross – Sunday school. Too much forced time spent together, especially when you were growing up.

What do you believe should happen?

Bear and Lily – A mother should treat their children fairly and not play favorites. Wisdom and protection should be provided to both in equal measure, instead of given to one over the other.

How can I change my own thinking about this situation?

Moon and Crossroads – It’s your choice that you are allowing their behavior make you feel uncertain about the future.

Take Away – The two may be “thick as thieves” at the moment, and it may feel like he’s drawing her attention away from you, but this is a long standing sibling rivalry between the two of you, and it isn’t as extreme as it feels. He is deliberately making it seem like more than it is in order to rile you and make you feel like an outsider.