Coming Home

Today’s meditation was a little under ten minutes long, and was unguided. Just me and my breathing exercises and my piriformis stretches.

Blood Moon Tarot and How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Four of Skins (Wands) which is traditionally a representation of the welcoming comfort of home and the celebratory spirit of homecoming.

In the imagery of today’s card, we see that theme expressed between two people. There is a warmth to this image that expresses not just happiness but a deep connection and sense of reunion.

You know that phrase “home is where the heart is”? Combined with the affirmation card for today, the message that I see in these cards is that just as homes come in all shapes and sizes, people, pets, and places… so too do homecomings, and that it’s important to appreciate those things that feel like “home” as well as the feelings of celebratory comfort and relief that come when returning to them.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheNovemberTarot Solitary Tarot Challenge Prompt
Questions for November 27th

Power Animals Oracle and The Rider Waite Smith TarotWhere is darkness clouding my life?

Spider and Four of Wands – I am worried about Ms B and her future. About where she will go when she sells that big ass house, and how she is going to settle into single life.

How can I move past this darkness?

Frog and Judgement – Let go of the things you can’t do for her, and instead focus on what you can.


Tarot Nerd’s Better Boundaries Tarot Challenge Prompt
Question for November 16th & 17th

Blood Moon TarotIn what way does fear affect my reactions to others?

Six of Honey (Pentacles) and Four of Songs (Cups) – I stay distant and withdrawn because, when I am feeling depleted, I don’t want to share what’s left of my energy with others.

In what way does anger affect my reactions to others?

Queen of Dreams (Swords) and Justice – When I am angry I turn cold and hard, and feel the need for retribution. The universe may balance things out but I want to be there when it happens so that I can “speak” the words that will rub salt in the wounds.


Daily Self Kindness

Antacids are a wonderful thing. ‘Nuf said.

The Harvest Cartomancy Reading

Prompt: “We mark the end of the day and nearly, the end for this month of harvest. Do you know what comes next? A small break. A small moment to see what your harvest has brought you. However, the work is still not done.”

Entwined v2 Playing Cards✨ What is useful in this present harvest that I could bring into December?

Eight of Spades atop Eight of Clubs – You have had a hard slap of reality this harvest. Take that reality check and those things learned from it forward with you into December.

✨ Will this harvest bring a fresh perspective into December? (It’s okay if it doesn’t! That is not a penalty to your learning and hard work!)

Seven of Clubs atop Two of Diamonds – It will give you a fighter’s perspective moving forward, allowing you to stand stronger with those limits that create a sense of balance in your life.

✨What is the highlight of this harvest that details another beneficial journey for me?

King of Spades and Five of Diamonds – Navigating scarcity and being able to differentiate more clearly between when it is a feeling in my head vs a part of reality.

“The resourcefulness you’ve displayed throughout this year and month have not gone unnoticed, even if you yourself cannot see it. You’re doing an amazing job, and I am still proud of you. Thank you for being here.”