The Harvest Cartomancy Reading

Prompt: “We mark the end of the day and nearly, the end for this month of harvest. Do you know what comes next? A small break. A small moment to see what your harvest has brought you. However, the work is still not done.”

Entwined v2 Playing Cards✨ What is useful in this present harvest that I could bring into December?

Eight of Spades atop Eight of Clubs – You have had a hard slap of reality this harvest. Take that reality check and those things learned from it forward with you into December.

✨ Will this harvest bring a fresh perspective into December? (It’s okay if it doesn’t! That is not a penalty to your learning and hard work!)

Seven of Clubs atop Two of Diamonds – It will give you a fighter’s perspective moving forward, allowing you to stand stronger with those limits that create a sense of balance in your life.

✨What is the highlight of this harvest that details another beneficial journey for me?

King of Spades and Five of Diamonds – Navigating scarcity and being able to differentiate more clearly between when it is a feeling in my head vs a part of reality.

“The resourcefulness you’ve displayed throughout this year and month have not gone unnoticed, even if you yourself cannot see it. You’re doing an amazing job, and I am still proud of you. Thank you for being here.”


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