Potential Skills Cartomancy Reading

Entwined v2 Playing CardsThe prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
While things are full of harvesting this month, sometimes the harvest can come from within ourselves.

What is a skill that I am not giving my attention to?

Ace of Hearts – My ability to connect with and process these new emotions. With the passing of a loved one that happened yesterday, I’m struggling with not shutting down. This card it a reminder to not focus on fighting the shut down, but instead to focus on staying open. Same battle… far different perspective and focus.

What can I do to build upon and explore this neglected skill of mine?

Nine of Diamonds – Appreciate just how well off you are and all that you have. Practice gratitude and stay focused on the more positive side of things.

Why is this skill worth building?

Queen of Diamonds – By building on this skill, it allows you to connect more deeply with others and support them in a more nurturing manner.

In what way could this skill be useful to me in the future?

Ten of Clubs – It will give you a different perspective on overwhelm and life balance.


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