Instant Gratification

Today’s meditation was skipped because I had a fucking migraine.  In fact, I was just up long enough for the housekeeper to come in and do her job, and then I went back to bed and stayed there for hours.  When I finally got up a couple hours later, I felt much better.

Black Cat Tarot and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is the “hold my nuts” card.  Okay no.  It’s the Seven of Pentacles card.  It’s just that the imagery on this card really does look like the apple tree is saying “here, hold my nuts”.  I mean… okay, fine. I digress.

The Seven of Pentacles is traditionally about slow growth and sustainability.  It’s about taking one’s time and using patience in order to harvest abundance and rewards.

I am one of those people that struggles with patience.  Not with other people (although, definitely with stupidity), but most especially with myself.  I want results and I want them now, and if I don’t get them in a speedy manner?  Sometimes I can get really vicious with myself as a result.

Today’s cards are a reminder that not everything can be accomplished quickly.  Immediate gratification is nice, but patience and hard work also have a way of paying of… if you’re willing to wait for it and work for it.  Don’t allow these times when things don’t come to a head as quickly as you want to convince you that you’re not doing enough.  That’s not how it works.  Some things?  You just have to wait for.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheOctoberTarot #SeasonoftheWitchChallenge Prompt
Questions for October 4th and 5th

Autumn's Delight Oracle and Skeleton TarotAs within, so without, this I should know without a doubt:
Nourishment atop Strength, King of Cups

Gideon gives you strength and nourishment. He takes care of you and makes sure you are healthy, happy, and grounded. He has your back no matter the situation.

Cauldron, crystals, conjury, what magick resides inside me?
Mischief atop Crossroads, The World

You have the power to choose growth.  Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to stay on track tho. Temptation to dabble in a bit of mischief and mayhem does come up now and then, and try to tease you off track.  Just stand strong and stay focused on what’s truly important. That naughty pixie lurking inside will find more subtle ways to express itself.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2021 Challenge Prompt
Questions for October 4th and 5th

Black Cat TarotWhat needs my attention in the…

PastThe Magician Rx – Times when you felt powerless and without choices or the ability to change your own fate and future. These times left a lasting mark on how you see the world and interact with it.

PresentThree of Swords – Make sure that you are keeping your disappointment about what’s going on across the street in check, and keep an eye on your depression levels so that things don’t sneak up on you and drag you down.

FutureAce of Cups – Remember that the holiday rush is temporary. Soon enough you’ll be at the other side of it and be able to step back into your efforts towards emotional growth that you’ve been exploring for the past couple of years.

What do I need to focus on for self-care for this new moon?

Although you’ve been encouraged through previous readings recently to get a bit of rest this week, the new moon brings with it the energy you need to start moving forward into the goals that are just upon the horizon (Three of Wands).

Don’t allow anxiety creep in and kill off your enthusiasm (Nine of Swords atop Queen of Wands). Get the rest you need, store up that energy from the new moon, and then release it towards your goals once you’ve gotten the rest and restoration that you are in need of (Four of Swords).


Daily Self Kindness

I spent a good deal of time in bed today nursing a migraine.  This absolutely counts as self kindness, as I would normally have tried to force myself to function through the day even through the pain instead of resting.

One thought on “Instant Gratification

  1. *Chuckles at your “hold my nuts” card* I love you so much

    *Grins* I always feel really special when I “Make the cut” and end up a part of your readings, though it’s even better when the cards paint such a lovely picture of me and my place in your life

    I love you, man. I love being “home” for you, I love being your safe space.

    Liked by 1 person

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