Morning Bonus Read – Paying Attention

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
Sometimes we become so busy that we may miss something, and that’s okay. It happens to us all. To help ourselves out, we could always use a moment to double check or give attention to detail.

Voodoo Playing CardsWhat is something that has been on my mind lately that I have not given enough attention to?

King of Spades atop Queen of Clubs – The constantly cycling thoughts of needing to buckle down with my business and push forward for more growth.

This isn’t about considering doing what these thoughts are nagging me about, but the thoughts themselves and how they effect my outlook and life. By allowing them to constantly cycle through my mind as an inner narrative, they are not inspiring me, but rather they are raising my stress levels and causing anxiety.

Is this something I should tackle now?

Four of Diamonds – Hell yes. You need stability in your life right now, and these thoughts are highly destabilizing.

How could I tackle this now, if I need to?

Nine of Clubs atop Queen of Hearts – Set boundaries for yourself that address these thoughts, and ensure self kindness is being protected and prioritized.

How can I accommodate paying more attention to detail into my day today?

Ten of Hearts – Look at all you have and connect with what (and who) makes you happy. Practice gratitude for all of the love you have in your life.

Bonus: What is your favorite warm drink that brings comfort?

Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. Not the kind made with water, but warm milk heated in a pan with Nesquik powder.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Paying Attention

  1. The business is fine, my love. You are working on personal growth right now and the business is okay just as it is.

    I know you have been making changes about HOW MUCH you pour into the work and busy of it, but you’ve been doing so well with this. It’s a good thing. A positive thing

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