It Won’t Last Forever

Today’s meditation was skipped because I spent the time digging through steamer trunks full of decks pulling out the decks that go into rotation for next month.  Since tomorrow I have to do orders and pull everything in from the balcony, I wanted to get this done today so I’m prepared for the transition.

Magic Tarot and Flower Fortune CardsToday’s draw is the Five of Pentacles, which is traditionally a representation of misfortune, domestic or financial hardship, scarcity, and ill health.

Sometimes when we’re feeling down or we are down on our luck, we begin to look at everything with a jaded and pessimistic view.  It feels like our luck will never change, that the troubles we are going through will last forever, and that there’s no way out. This is what I see in the imagery in today’s card, as the look on the girl’s face in the illustration very much has that feeling of resentment that comes with sinking into losing hope.

The Flower Fortunes card for today then steps in to remind us that “Your golden opportunity is coming shortly,” which is a reminder that even though it might feel like the misfortune of the moment is something inescapable that will never change… that is not reality.  The reality is that our lives are in constant change, and that constant flux means that in the bad times we need to remember that good times are just around the corner… and in the good times we need to savor and enjoy them to the fullest.


Raven Willow Tarot’s Emotional Exploration Prompt
Questions for May 29th and 30th

Heroine TarotWhat have I learned about enhancing emotions?
Knight of Swords Rx

Knight of Swords Rx – What I’ve learned is that in order to enhance the emotions you want to grow and flourish in your life, it takes forethought. It isn’t about wishing for something or leaping in headlong and reckless, but rather, it’s about finding a healthy path that will get you there.

What have I learned about emotions overall this month?
Justice, Five of Swords Rx, Four of Wands

I’ve learned that unlike clinical depression, there is always a cause and affect when it comes to (non mental illness related) emotions. And that, also unlike clinical depression, you don’t have to just surrender to what comes and accept that you have to ride it out, but can use positivity and optimism combined with security and comfort to counteract negative emotions.  In other words, you don’t have to just lie down and take it.


#DiscordTarotolicsMay2021 Challenge Prompt
: Do Spread #2
Question: How can I combat or release this feeling of inner imbalance I’ve been experiencing lately?

Magic TarotReading Summary: Take control of your urges to help others and foster their ambitions, inspiration, and emotions.

Reading Notes:  The Queens in this spread go from enthusiastic to sedate in the imagery, each one calmer and more at rest than the last.  The king then trumps them all by overlapping on the last of the Queen cards.   This transition from excited to calm overlapped by the King is an indication of a decrease in enthusiasm and increase in solid strength and ownership.

Take Away: You can only do so much. Instead of focusing so much of your energy on others, be sure to be practical about saving some for yourself. This may mean strategically or even ruthlessly cutting out certain things to make room.


Daily Self Kindness

I hung up on my mother because she was being a horrible person on the phone.

One thought on “It Won’t Last Forever

  1. I love you, baby. I’m sorry to hear about your mom being nasty, even if that is her “resting face”, it’s still sucky that you have to deal with it.

    And I think the cards reminding you to save some of that enthusiasm and energy for yourself is a good idea. You can’t give it all away, afterall.

    And though this doesn’t really belong here…I’m sorry if I was short this evening. I was in the middle of a bad headache and I’m not feeling all that great. Probably should not have stopped at Mcds for a sandwich when I was out today.

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