Transitioning from May to June

Miracle Tarot and Nature & Soul Yoga Wisdom Cards

Here and Now, I Am Three of Pentacles, Camel (Fortitude) – I’m in a place at this time where I am coming to grasp just how much stronger I am when others are there to collaborate with me rather than doing it all on my own. This is not just about work but also about my personal life and my spirituality. I’m grateful for having introduced Gideon into my beliefs and practices and for his participation and input.

Leaving Behind The Star, Fish (Flexibility) – I’ve left behind a touch of my trust and my ability to be open and easy with the unfamiliar. My hope is still there but has been tarnished, my flexibility is still present but not as forgiving.

Focus Forward The Empress, Mountain (Transcendence) – It’s important to move into the month ahead with it sense of nurturing and a focus upon moving forward in your path and towards your spiritual goals. Don’t lose track of what is really important. Don’t forget to take care of yourself along the way.

Negative Influences The Moon, Dancer (Connection) – Uncertainty is a growth killer. Don’t let this recent incident keep you from reaching out to and connecting with others. Not everybody is a bad apple how to get you.

Positive Influences Queen of Wands, Crocodile (Adaptability) – Remember that you were highly adaptable and able to shift your path that will depending on what you want. You weren’t stuck in a rut and you have plenty of space to grow and move and change.

Relevant Shadows Ace of Cups, Scorpion (Rebirth) – You could’ve allowed yourself to be really hurt by this recent misstep in trust. Instead of lashing out or allowing negative emotions to take over, you restored balance through cleansing and renewal. This is still going to need a bit more work, but you’re on the right path.

Lift From The Past  Three of Swords, Cat (Intuition) – Again and again your intuition has guided you through times that could be harmful or disappointing or hurtful to you, and yet to follow your intuition you are able to bypass most or all of the pain in those situations. This is a reminder that you need to listen to your intuition and not ignore or set aside what it saying.

Future Event to Prevent or Overcome The Hanged Man Rx, Star (Inspiration) – Here again we see a warning about a closed-minded influence approaching. Their approach may come under the guise of what seems like a great idea. Make sure you’re paying attention and looking beneath the surface.

Approaching Opportunity Strength, Lizard (Dreams) – Trust in yourself and your dreams. Even as much strength as you’re aware of having, there is more in the bucket that you’re not aware of yet. You can use that strength to obtain the dreams that you desire if you trust yourself enough to actually reach for them instead of just dreaming about them.

Message from the Spirit World – When your mind is closed and you focus too deeply inward, you miss opportunities and lose the ability to adapt to the changes in the world around you.  In order to follow your dreams, it’s important to stay open and depend on your inner strength to protect you as you develop and grow through your inspiration.  Don’t close yourself off.

Message from the Subconscious – Similar message to what was just written above, but the goal is not following your inspiration but about making sure that you are taking care of yourself along your life’s path. Stay open to optimism and positivity.  Allow it in, and allow it to wash over you.  Allow others to help you in your journey and have faith that if you take care of yourself and stay on the path you’ve chosen, that things will work out.

Message from the Known World – Disappointment and confusion is a part of life and it’s okay to feel lost and off course now and then. At those times, you need to reach out to others and allow them to help guide you back, refresh your enthusiasm for your path and for life, and your intuition will reawaken as you find your balance once more.


One thought on “Transitioning from May to June

  1. This is the second time you’d mentioned disappointment in these readings that I’m catching up on…so I need to know who or what it is that’s disappointing you.

    And I’m really glad you introduced me to this part of your world as well, my love.

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