Transitioning from April to May

Linescape Tarot and Metaphoric Therapy Cards

Individuality Seven of Pentacles – It can often be difficult to remember that others do not judge you as harshly as you judge yourself.  You’ve come a long way in your growth and in grounding yourself in this knowledge, but you also still have a long way to go.  No one is staring at you.  Promise.  They want to accept you and love you, just as you are.

Dependence High Priestess – Let go of the chaos and your intuition will become better grounded. All that anxiety is like a tornado turning your world upside down and making it hard to find the balance and stability needed for your intuitive self to grow and thrive.

Creativity Ace of Swords atop Five of Cups – Overcoming hopelessness with new ideas is something you excel at and need to lean into moving forward.  Don’t linger in the disappointments, sadness, and negativity.  Instead pull yourself free with the “fresh air breeze” of new ideas and allow them to lift you up into a new path when needed.

Limitation Emperor – It can be hard to relate to people in power sometimes. Sometimes they display behavior that has been trained into them, like police or border agents being overly aggressive without provocation. Keep in mind that these types of behavior are not a reflection on you or anything that you are doing, but rather a tactic meant to put you on edge.  Stay calm and rise above.

Change Two of Swords – Pay attention and listen closely.  Opportunities to allow your passions to thrive are coming, and it may feel like their out of reach but they’re not.  It will simply take some careful listening, creative thinking, and a bit of discernment and decisive decision making to get you where you want to go.

Sympathy Seven of Swords – Family betrayals. Broken promises and broken trusts have created in you a feeling of distrust and entanglement that is primed to rise to the surface and needs some attention to get under control. You’ve made a good deal of progress in making peace with your father and your past in this area, but it doesn’t really cover the whole “family” aspect of the thing, does it?

Luck The Fool – Use the joy and bolstering sense of elation that comes with your accomplishments to lift you up and give you fresh eyes and fresh energy.  You have a lot to be grateful for and a lot to be proud of.  Don’t discount these things just because it’s you that has earned them and not someone else.

Power Four of Pentacles – Having your wings clipped is painful and it can ground you when you’d be far happier taking flight.  Be careful that you don’t create a situation where you are left feeling alone and hurt because you clipped your own wings and grounded yourself to the point that grounding is no longer a boon, but instead becomes a trap.

Responsibility Empress – Don’t leave anyone behind.  Sometimes we get so distracted in one thing that we end up losing focus on other things.  This is true about people, about projects, interests, and even physical items. You’re being given an opportunity to find a balance that spreads your nurturing in an even and healthy way. Make sure that you continue to keep this goal in mind moving forward.

Message from Spirit World – From gray days of suppression, discomfort, and what seems like insurmountable barriers, you’ve done well at trusting your instincts and seeking out what suits you best in life. Make sure that you do not lose sight of these things moving forward.  There is a place for the things you feel are important in the balance you seek.  Just don’t forget what those things are along the way.

Message from Mind’s World – Being pulled between chaos and calm is something you’ve struggled with throughout your entire life in a number of different aspects of your life. Take care not to let these struggles and imbalances drag you down. Instead, continue to seek new ways to deal with them and mitigate their negative influences.

Message from Known World – The entanglement of betrayals and disappointments with your family are in the past. Although the past influences the present, make sure that you don’t allow it to overtake your sense of accomplishment and destroy the spark of fun in life.


Transitioning from March to April

Denizens of Earth Tarot and Inspiration Cards by Autumn Sky Art

I haven’t had a chance to write out a full interpretations of the cards yet (which is pretty sad since it’s now April 18th, but I need to hold onto the reading to reference back on so I’m posting this one without interpretation.  I may come back later on and fill in the interpretations later on if I don’t forget.

Individuality Four of Water and Transformation

Dependence Three of Air and Compassion

Creativity The Tower atop Strength, Fertility

Limitation Child of Fire and Magic

Change Six of Earth and Guidance

Sympathy Father of Water and Integration

Luck Eight of Earth and Purity

Power One of Fire and Contemplation

Responsibility The Moon and Wonder

Message from Spirit World

Message from Mind’s World

Message from Known World

Take Away –


Transitioning from February to March

Existential Tarot and The Lantern Oracle

Individuality Action 5 atop Emotion 5, Accountability – “We are not our mistakes, but what we do with them.” Those words ring loud and strong from the guide for the Lantern Oracle when looking at these cards, which speak of perceived mistakes and regret. These perceived mistakes trigger scarcity issues, and thus the scarcity issues create regret and the cycle continues. Accountability is the answer to these issues. By owning your mistakes, you learn from them, grow from them, and move forward. At this time, there lies an opportunity for this type of growth.

Dependence The Dionysian and Trusting Tricksters – The energy of creativity can often be wild and chaotic.  Don’t let it romance you away into distraction.  You don’t have to leave your creative energy behind as you step into your responsibilities, you just have to keep your eyes open and your feet firmly on the ground.

Creativity Reason 1 and Radical Self-Acceptance – “Decisions are the first step toward breaking barriers that impede our success.” Echoing back to the first position in this reading, what needs concentrating to create in your life at this time is the depth of the roots within self-acceptance and self-respect. Don’t allow yourself to focus on regrets and perceived mistakes. Instead, focus on that forward motion and making progress.

Limitation Will 4 and Melting Mask – What has the ability to hold me back in at this time is becoming too complacent. Don’t get too comfortable and allow stagnancy to slip in and make itself at home.  If you allow complacency and stagnancy to slip in and get comfortable, you will slide back into the fog that hides who you truly are and all those positive qualities that you are trying to foster and grow.

Change Action 7 and Radical Curiosity – What is currently fostering your way forward and paving the way to where you want to go is your efforts to allow yourself to grow at your own pace.  The enjoyment you take in delving into the things that interest you and learning new things can only further this journey.  Just remember that growth takes time… you may be able to learn quickly and pick up new talents at the drop of the hat, but that doesn’t mean you can grow at the same pace.

Sympathy Zarathustra and Key to Intimacy – In my past it took time to discover what love is… and what it is not.  It took time to understand that different people show their love in different ways, and sometimes, those ways are not “in tune” with how others are able to receive love.  This is a lesson that goes beyond love, but with how people relate and how they work together.  Some people are in tune from the start, others simply are not.  Some can become in-tune over time… others, just never will find that sync with each other.  Just because you cannot sync up and be in tune with someone doesn’t make them a bad person… just not one of “your” persons.

Luck Emotion 10 and Sharing – Take time to examine how you see the act of sharing.  How you perceive giving and receiving, and how this practice can create harmony with others no matter which side of the exchange that you are on.  When true sharing happens, it is no longer “give and receive” and there is no “yours” and “mine…. there is simply “ours”.

Power Action 1 and Misalignment – In the area of your finances and business, you may be tempted to act in opposition to your moral compass in the coming weeks. Be sure that you are watching out for this urge and willing to fully examine why you are tempted by the uncharacteristic leanings.  You have a chance to turn this around and stay true to yourself… so don’t miss the bus when it comes rolling by.

Responsibility Knight of Emotion and Repair – Everyone fucks up now and then in pursuit of the things we feel we really want. Should you fuck up, remember the advice in the first position of this reading… own your fuck ups and allow them to teach you a better path. Only through owning what you’ve done and look to accept and deal with the repercussions can you grow and become stronger in response to the experience.

Message from Spirit World –  A renewed path is laid out before you, one filled with the pursuit of the things you truly want over a long period of time.  Be sure in pursuit of these desires you don’t allow curiosity and inspiration to trip you up and send you into a cycle of reparation, though.

Message from Mind’s World – You may not be feeling all that inspired yet and your creativity isn’t at it’s best.  You have ideas, though… and that’s the first step. Be sure to keep those ideas close to the vest for now because it may not be wise to share them with others, write them down to remember for later when you can judge their true value for yourself instead of having to depend on others to tell you if they’re good or not.

Message from Known World – Time alone is all well and good, but stewing in it for too long isn’t healthy so make sure you take short and healthy moments of alone time before then connecting back up with your circle of loved ones. Your loved ones know the true you, they understand you and how your love works… and you understand them and how their love works.  This harmony should be acknowledged more and valued.

Take Away – You’re wandering into  a few challenges to your moral compass and need to make sure you’re staying grounded in who you are and what you value instead of going after what you want without full contemplation of the connotations and motivations behind why you are even considering going astray.  Be yourself and be honest to yourself.  Be inquisitive. Lean into moving forward on your journey towards the light and a healthy mental state rather than flitting off after one distraction or another.  Own your fuck ups.  This isn’t usually a problem for you, but no matter who it is, sometimes pride is a hard thing to choke down.


Transitioning from January to February

Your Universe Month End Tarot Spread - January 2021

Individuality Five of Pentacles Rx and Red Chestnut – You’re trying to pretend that everything is okay and put on a pretty face while in the grasp of your struggle.

Dependence King of Swords, Oak atop Forget-Me-Not – You need to let go of your control issues for the time being and allow things to flow at their own pace.  Your strength of will and reason combines with your ability to manifest what you want in life is being challenged and you need to take a breath and release some control.  Nobody (living, dead, or otherwise) is going to judge you for that right now.

Creativity Four of Cups and Aspen Rx – Stop allowing yourself to sink into the seductive feelings of pain and soul rotting darkness.  That embrace is not your friend, but if you allow yourself to wallow within it, it will encourage it to manifest more strongly in your reality and hold on even longer than it already is able.

Limitation Three of Swords, Baby Blue Eyes, Chamomile – Complacency to the darkness encroaching upon you and the dark thoughts and influences that your mental imbalance.   These negative influences have the ability to take you deeper and deeper if you let them.

Change King of Wands and Alpine Lily – Fight… even when it feels futile. Your will is strong and you’re a determined force.  It might not feel like fighting against the darkness helps anything, but it does. This is not a fight of brute force, but a battle of will and determination… the kind you are most adept at.

Sympathy Three of Pentacles and Rosemary Rx – In the past you have resisted allowing people to take your responsibilities off your hand, forcing yourself to keep bearing the full weight upon your shoulders even when in the depths of the pit and surrounded by darkness. You  have learned from this experience that there is a better way.  It can be hard to follow through and allow others to bear some of the weight, but it’s important to your recovery.

Luck Princess of Swords atop Five of Cups, Manzanita Rx – Remember that you can take what you’ve learned from past experiences and use that to overcome what is going on now. Not being able to find joy or pleasure in what usually brings these things to you is not a failing of yours but simply a symptom of the illness.  You know this… you have learned this… use this knowledge to overcome the negative whispers and dark feelings you are dealing with right now.

Power The Moon atop Ten of Wands, Bleeding Heart – Don’t drop your burden on the ground, as this will cause uncertainty and problems down the road.  Hand it off to those that love and support you instead.  They are there to help you, they want to support you.  Don’t be so stubborn that you end up putting your responsibilities down so they aren’t being cared for instead of handing them over to those that want to help.

Responsibility Ten of Cups and Chrysanthemum – You have the opportunity to start climbing to the light and feel good once again, but you have to pull your awareness out of the mire and misery and seek the light.  Don’t forget that it’s there just because you can’t see it right now.

Message from Spirit World / Mind’s World / Known World – This part of the reading takes a lot of focus and concentration to work through and I just can’t manage to get the mental clarity that I need at the moment to do them.  So I’m going to allow myself to skip these three prompts for this month.

Take Away – It is not surprising that the status of my state at this moment is centered around the depression that I’m experiencing.  It is the whole of my world at the moment and the advice here is sound. Let others help me with my responsibilities, keep fighting the depression and seeking the light, and make sure I do not listen to the seductive whispers in the darkness.  I will do my best to follow that advice.