Morning Bonus Read – Third Eye Reading

Magic Tarot - Third Eye Tarot Reading

My Third Eye Energy Right Now

King of Cups – If you want full use of your intuition, you need to allow your emotions free reign.  They are connected and you know this.  Own your emotions and don’t spend time trying to deny them.  Get comfortable in their presence instead of shirking away.  This card is not so much about where you are now, but about what you need now in this area.

Tension I’m currently holding in this area.

Knight of Coins – You are looking at everything as work and progress. It’s holding you back from experiencing things fully in the moment when you constantly look at everything as another step forward.

How I can release this tension.

Knight of Cups – Spend more time in the now. Enjoy the moment instead of constantly planning and plotting your way forward again and again.  More time stopping to smell the roses will connect you more closely to what brings you pleasure and that, in turn, will make your connection to your emotions and intuition stronger.

A message from my intuition.

The Chariot – Stop fucking around. Plotting and planning, scheming and strategizing.  You’re doing everything except moving forward because all this extraneous shit is holding you up and holding you back.  Snap the reigns and start moving into your growth instead of hedging at it.

Something my dreams are trying to tell me.

Page of Cups – Again, don’t forget that your emotions and your intuition are intimately connected. This reading is filled with Cups for a reason.  As you learn and grow in your emotional growth, so too will your intuition grow.

Something about my psychic abilities I should explore.

Nine of Cups –  Don’t worry about it right now.  As noted above, as you learn and grow through your emotional growth, so too will your intuition grow. This is a natural evolution.  You’ve spent a long time developing your intuition and your trust in it.  Allow it to strengthen and appreciate what it adds to your life.  Gratitude… not grasping.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Third Eye Reading

  1. Looks like the cards are wanting you to get back on your emotional journey, huh? They are rather pushy, aren’t they? *Chuckles*

    I love you, my heart

    Liked by 1 person

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