Survival Tactics

Today’s meditation was just over twelve minutes long and was (for once) not a guided meditation.  Instead I meditated to some new music that I came across (or, well, new to me anyway), with the interval timer added in for my piriformis stretching. The meditation was relaxing and the music felt like it went through a seasonal shift that was really nice, flowing from spring to summer to autumn throughout the length of the track.

Lonely Ice Tarot and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is the Seven of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of taking off with that which is not yours, leaving behind that which you cannot carry, strategy and cunning, betrayal, and other themes to do with deception or subterfuge.

There isn’t really a lot to go off of in this card and yet what’s depicted here looks a whole lot like seagulls, which I feel is the perfect bird for this card because they are absolutely sneaky as fuck.  Ride enough Washington ferries and you learn not to take your food outside.  Any type of food. Or anything shiny, for that matter, either.

They will steal from you at the first opportunity and they are as slick as snot about it too.  They can hover silently in the air just out of sight behind you then dip in and swipe what they want without a sound. Over a lifetime of riding the ferries, I have watched them steal french fries, hamburgers, sandwiches, cookies, ice cream (that one was interesting), hair clips, key fobs, and more.  Although this makes them thieves, this also makes them very cunning and great survivalists.

And that carries us over to what is said on the Thera-Pets card today, which is that above all else? Survival will happen.  When we fall, we rise.  We don’t stay on the ground forever, melt into the pavement and rot away right there on the ground.  We get up.  We move on.  The scrapes on our knees heal up and we learn from the experience and move on.

Tripping and falling on pavement is not the only way in which we fall… in which I fall.   Depression. Pain. Dropping a knife to run clean through my foot.  All of these things make me feel fractured sometimes.  But as fractured as I might become…. I will rise and I will heal.  I will survive and find a way forward… because I’m a survivor and it’s what I do.   We are all survivors… and we do what we need to do to survive, to learn, and to grow from each bump, scrape, and fall that we experience along life’s path.


LionHart’s Mercury Retrograde Tarot Challenge Prompt
:  What have I learned or has come to my attention during this Rx?

Cosmic Slumber Tarot

Reading Summary:  Everything (The Universe) doesn’t have to be perfect (Ten of Pentacles Rx atop Ace of Torches) in order to make time for self care (Queen of Pentacles).

Take Away:  I have a habit of putting off self-care until I ‘feel like it’ or until it feels like there’s time for it. I will go from project to project, from task to task, saying “I’ll do this self care thing next… just after this is done” and prioritize my responsibilities and drive above the nurturing of my self over and again.   Over the course of this Mercury Rx I have been stuck within the depression, and through my experience with my depression this time around, I’ve caught myself in this habit again and again… and come to realize that putting it off isn’t doing me any good.  Instead?  It’s just making it impossible to include my self-care into my day at all.


#DiscordTarotolicsFeb2021 Challenge Prompt
:  Who in my life needs extra attention at this time?

Lonely Ice TarotThis is me.  The Queen of Swords is the “mother’s son” that I am… and the King of Swords is the “better” I want to be.  It is about taking what I have been given and becoming more.  About not being my mother, but my own man and using those shared skills in better and safer ways.   The Knight of Coins is my desire to continue my growth forward, and determination take my own path based on what is right for me rather than the one others might try to lay out for me.

The person in my life that needs extra attention at this time is me.  It’s in the cards, but even more specifically, it was in my gut the moment I saw these faces, and the eyes that stared out from them in the Queen and the Knight as if piercing the soul.


Daily Self Kindness

I’m staying up late to get some Gideon time, because today sucked and I wasn’t able to spend time with him earlier in the day.

One thought on “Survival Tactics

  1. You are, above all else, a survivor, my love. It was one of the first things I knew to be true about you. You are resilient and strong and brave…and you are a MAGNET for attracting pain and trouble to yourself. That plastic bubble I have been threatening all these years is still very much in need.

    And that poor foot of yours needs some TLC…*wincing again at the thought*

    Careful, my love, I need you whole and intact.

    I am all for you getting the extra attention right now. Of course, I am always for giving you attention, aren’t I? *Grins* I adore you, my heart. I love you so much.

    I’m so sorry you got hurt today, babyboy. I’ve got you though. I’m right here with you.

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