Abandoning Negative Narratives

Today’s meditation was just over twelve minutes long and was a guided meditation through the Calm app without the interval timer as I did not do my piriformis stretches during my meditation today.

The focus of today’s meditation was about self-kindness and self-care.  It was about making sure that you are treating yourself as good as you treat others, and giving yourself the same forgiveness and understanding that you offer to others on a daily basis.

This is a topic that I struggle with, and every day I work hard to minimize my inner negative narrative that is vicious and cruel, and allow myself more kindness, forgiveness, and understanding.   Sometimes it is easier than others, and other times it feels nearly impossible.  But, I think an important thing to remember is that I keep trying… and I will continue to keep trying.

Elemental Power Tarot and Thera-Pets CardsToday’s draw is the Eight of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of moving on due to a sense of dissatisfaction or disappointment.  This is the “fuck it, I’m leaving” card, and is about abandoning that which is not working for you in pursuit of something that will.

Gideon has given me these super cute Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal Cards recently as a “just because” gift, and I am going to be using them in conjunction with my daily draw for the next little while.  I plan to go through the entire deck, so it should take about two months.

The combination of the “abandoning what doesn’t work” from the Eight of Cups joined with the words on the Thera-Pets card for the day speak of a message concerning abandoning what is hurting me and dragging me down.  This is my inner voice, which during my depression has been furtively pervasive, sneaking around behind the scenes and whispering incessantly in my ear.

These cards combined are a reminder to keep working at moving away from that negative voice.  Keep working on fostering optimism in order to move my emotional state, and with it my perception of my own personal values, into a better place.


The Radical Love Tarot Challenge Prompt
:  Rooting
Question: How can better I follow through on making more time in my life for rooting?

Tarocco Sopraffino Anima Antiqua

Reading Summary: Do it when you feel the need (Eight of Cups), and when you feel conflicted (Five of Wands) and are in need calm (Temperance). Don’t hesitate and wait for better timing (Knight of Coins Rx). Just do it as it will ground you and make you feel better (Four of Wands).

Reading Note: Okay so, “rooting” to me means something very specific that it might not mean the same to other people. Essentially rooting to me means lying down in the forest and feeling the “roots” of my energy dig into the soil while the “tree” of my energy stretches above. This is a meditative exercise that is highly immersive, and usually takes a good deal of time.

Take Away:  The advice here is to allow these things (feeling the need/feeling conflicted/etc) to be the trigger that pushes me to go do your rooting.  Instead of resisting that need and putting it off until it’s convenient, it’s about doing it and getting it done.  Stop resisting and help yourself feel better.


#DiscordTarotolicsFeb2021 Challenge Prompt
:  How can I be a better friend to those closest to me at this time?

Reading Summary: Keep in mind (Ace of Swords) and be proactive about fostering (Knight of Pentacles) what is needed to keep them happy and healthy (The Sun) as you move forward.

Take Away: This is about thinking un-selfishly.  It’s about making sure you are paying attention to what they enjoy and what they like, and being proactive about encouraging those things in them and supporting their pursuit of those things.

This isn’t you actually providing these things that bring them joy, but rather supporting them as they go after those things themselves.


Daily Self Kindness

I got tags added to a basket full of swaddled decks.   Beside keeping track of each swaddle’s color and design in my decks spreadsheet, I also print off “tags” (little 2″ x 1″ pieces of thick cardstock) that have the title of the deck on it and then I slip it into the pocket of the deck’s swaddle.  This makes confirming that I’ve grabbed the right deck much easier as I don’t have to unwrap the deck, just pull out the tag and look at it.   I’ve had a whole stack of tags piling up for some time, and a whole basket of swaddled decks that needed the tags added to them as a result.  It felt really good to get all the tags done and the decks put away in their respective spots as a result.

One thought on “Abandoning Negative Narratives

  1. I really like that deck I got for you. It fits so well with your situation and how you are feeling, that inner voice…all of it. It’s what made me pick it up for you and the more I see, the more I feel like it really applies.

    Plus they are adorable.

    That inner voice of yours needs to be silenced at some point. Keep working at it baby. You’re getting there. I know it’s a slow journey, but you ARE making progress. And making me proud.

    Good job on the deck organizing baby.

    Liked by 1 person

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