Open and Honest

Today’s meditation was skipped because I ended up dozing off in the middle of it and taking a brief nap.  Although it was just a short nap, I was worried that if I tried again I’d end up taking yet another longer nap.  Granted, I did end up doing that later in the afternoon, but I also managed to get some stuff done today so I didn’t sleep the whole day away as I was worried that I would if I’d tried to meditate a second time.

Broken Mirror Tarot 4th EditionToday’s draw is the Empress card, which is traditionally a representation of the Divine Feminine’s qualities of strength and grounded, nurturing energy.  It’s about power, but also a connection to the earth and the nurturing energy of motherhood.

What stands out to me today in the imagery of this card is the heart on the Empress’ sleeve.  The energy of the Empress is both giving and forgiving, nurturing through warmth, support, and generosity.  The heart on her sleeve speaks eloquently of these qualities.

The message in today’s card is about embodying that openness in oneself, just as how the Empress wears her heart on her sleeve.  Don’t bottle up your emotions or hide them from others.  This hinders people from knowing the real you and holds you apart from those you might otherwise connect with.

Instead, try to stay open and honest about your emotions.  Allow them to show and to shine through… even the bad ones but especially those loving ones that will foster connection with others.


The Radical Love Tarot Challenge Prompt
:  Moments where I find myself

Elemental Power Tarot

The Hermit – In the woods. Society out of sight and out of mind. Just me and the trees.  I find myself within this alone time, by connecting with nature and with my need for nature. Healthy alone time in the embrace of the forests is my most favorite type of alone time, and helps me find the steady, grounding energy I need in order to survive and thrive in the busy world we all deal with on the day to day. My time alone in the woods is a time of centering and grounding, of drawing in the earth’s energy and blending it with my own to find the quiet core whisper of the self that can sometimes become muffled in the chaos.

Queen of Coins – When I consult with my mentor for a better path and she helps me find the rooted steps I need. Z has been mentoring my sister and I since we were nine years old.  She has always helped me in finding my way back to myself, and how to find what is my personal truth, when I am feeling lost or uncertain on my spiritual path. She has taught me over the years what it means to know thyself, and to know what is right for you, as well as how to stand up for what is right for you and claim it as yours rather than allowing others to distort it into what they think is right.

Ace of Coins – When I am creating new things. One of my greatest joys is taking an idea and tapping into my creative spark to manifest that idea into reality. I create new designs of jewelry and have new ideas for fresh and new designs all the time.  I have designed and created furniture, trinkets, graphics, artwork, and crafts.  I plant seeds and grow from those seeds flowers, vegetables, and crops. I write reams and reams of stories as imagination is put down into text and storylines. The manifestation power in the Ace of Coins is with me every day in one small way or another.


#DiscordTarotolicsFeb2021 Challenge Prompt
:  What is a hidden talent I possess that needs encouragement?

Broken Mirror Tarot 4th EditionReading Summary:  I have the ability to move fast (Seven of Coins Rx) and take decisive action (Knight of Swords) when needed and have it turn out positive in the end (The Star).

Take Away: This is about adaptability and course correction.  It’s about how things have felt so uncertain in the world (and thus in my home business) over the past year and how I am able to make momentary decisions that turn out to “work out” in the end to keep things with the business moving in a positive and successful direction. I’ve felt a little bit of uncertainty lately because of the Canadian side of my business model (my Canadian half of the business is down here and living with my sister and I for almost a year now), and some restrictions and changes they’ve been saying they are going to put in to effect up there. It’s starting to sound like my house guest might be here for another year, that I might have some problems getting that part of my taxes done, etc.

The message here in these cards is to remember that I’m capable and adept at making quick decisions that allow things to keep moving.  I’m good at adapting.  I’ll find a way to make things work and keep things going no matter what, so stop allowing worries to take control and eat away at my confidence in myself.


Daily Self Kindness

I got all of my medical bills submitted to the insurance company today. I’ve been putting this off for months because it’s such a pain in the ass. Today I made sure I got all of the different receipts collected together and submitted.  23 of them in all. It’s a little thing, but it feels huge.

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