Morning Bonus Read – Scorpio Season Tarot Spread

Scorpio Season Spread - Terrestrial Tarot

Ways in which my life will be profoundly transformed.
Earth (Ace of Pentacles)

This season is filled with manifestation and abundance for me, which is not surprising since the holiday rush starts in just another week or so.   The Ace of Pentacles in this position indicates that even though I’ve been feeling like sales have been slow and dismal, that there is opportunity coming and I just need to be ready for it.

Deep soul desires that may resurface for attention.
Queen of Cups

Again, we see the influence of the holiday rush in this card.  With that time nearly in my lap now, I’m going to be feeling the need for some emotional reassurances coming up as my emotional growth is delegated to the back seat (but, carefully not buried).

Shadow aspect that may emerge from the depths.
The Founded Power (Ten of Wands)

My habit of allowing myself to be overburdened and overwhelmed is also nipping right on my heels and trying to reassert itself. This is an unhealthy habit that I’m doing my best to break, but during the holiday rush a good deal of overwhelm comes with the territory no matter how much balance I try to instill into the process.

Major cycle(s) that are coming to a close.
Unity (The World)

My feelings of unity with the universe are coming to a close. I have, over the end of the summer and the lions share of the fall, slowly been starting to feel new connections happening.  New connections to my emotions, to my ancestors and guides, and to my spirituality as well.  I had been stumbling about lost for a bit, then found my footing and with it that connection.  Now, with the rush and all that coming, that feeling of connected completion is sadly out the window and will have to be found again once the holiday rush is over.

Soul-aligned beginnings / opportunities that will open up.
Authority (Four of Swords) atop Three Forked Road (Three of Swords)

The cards here indicate that I’m going to have the opportunity this Scorpio season to see just how taking control and incorporating rest and recovery into my work can help me from falling into that big black pit of depression.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Scorpio Season Tarot Spread

  1. Y god how do I get so far behind. The more I do the more there is..just a bit overwhelming

    Remember when you feel overwhelmed, when you need some emotional reassurance and even a cuddle…all you have to do is communicate or even hint at what you need and it’s yours. I’m always here for you my love. Always

    Just try to be kind to yourself when the rush hits. Try to remember to rest and take breaks. Taking care of you makes everything else run more smoothly. If you fall apart everything and everyone else grinds to a halt and starts to splinter.

    You are the center that everything else revolves around so taking care of you is priority.

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