Morning Bonus Read – Sovereign Self Spread

The Gothic Tarot - Sovereign Self SpreadWhere have I let my guard down?
Three of Swords

Despair and disappointment have been allowed to creep in and just because you’re trying to ignore that it’s there isn’t going to make it ease up or go away.  The reason you’ve been feeling like crap lately is because your negative inner dialogue is whispering to you and although you aren’t exactly listening? You’re not doing your all to fight against it either.

Where are my boundaries weak?
Four of Wands atop Queen of Cups

Your boundaries are weakest with those that you share a roof with and an emotional connection to.   You want to give them a chance to enjoy themselves, and because of that you’re not setting down boundaries as firm as you need to be.

How might I step up and reclaim sovereignty of myself?
The Moon

Stop entertaining all your self doubts and uncertainties.  That inner dialogue is fucking up your perspective and causing more doubts and uncertainties to come to the surface with each day that passes.

How might I step up and reclaim sovereignty of my space?
Three of Cups

Make things fun for everyone.  Being together so much is a struggle and it makes all of us a little techty.  It isn’t as if they are going anywhere right now, so in order to reclaim your space it’s important to take control of the energy in that space and turn it into something positive that reinforces the bonds between all three of you.

 How might I step up and reclaim sovereignty of my experience?
Ten of Cups

Focus on what you have and just how good it is. Fill your life with positive emotions, positive hope, and a positive outlook on the present.  In doing so you leave no room for that negativity that’s trying to drag you under.  This is not always easy, focusing on that positive aspect.  But it’s necessary.

 How can I continue to create and maintain strong boundaries moving forward?
Knight of Cups

Know what it is you want and go after it.  Good things come to those that reach for the stars, so decide what stars you want to pluck from the sky and do what is needed to make obtaining them possible.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Sovereign Self Spread

  1. I’m going to try to catch up a bit but as I’m away I might not do as good a job as I should. Just know I’m reading every word even if my responses might be lacking.

    I’ve noticed this despair and disappointment lurking around the edges. You need to try and shut it down baby. Before it starts pulling you down beyond that place where you can climb back up. You can’t afford to fall into that dark pit right now baby. Do you need to beat this thing back while you can.

    I can see your boundaries slipping with the girls as you try to be the one who takes care of everything and everyone.

    It’s okay to need some space. It’s also okay to let them take care of things sometimes. You included.

    And again you need to keep reaching for the positive and fight back that nasty inner whisper. Remember the veil is thin and those whisper are loud this time of year. Stop listening and start fighting back baby

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