Morning Bonus Read – Dark Year Spread

The Vampire TarotWhat is dying away, sloughing off, departing?
Five of Wands

My enthusiasm for the fight.  I haven’t had that spark of fire this season that usually rides me so hard.  That lack of enthusiasm makes it hard to push forward and has caused a slackening of motivation.

How can I lovingly support this transition?
Six of Cups atop Seven of Wands

These cards are not about supporting the transition.  They’re about supporting myself through a time of discomfort and reminding myself that I need to stay in the present and not allow the past and my past experiences to force me into unpleasant situations.   A lot of my motivation comes from those past experiences, and so this is also about acceptance.

What will this death make way for? What’s looking to be born or reborn?
Six of Pentacles

I really dislike this feeling of lack of motivation, but what this death is trying to make room for is a the ability to be more generous with myself and others.  This is about having the awareness of where I am, what I need from others, and what I can offer in turn.  Thus, putting me more in touch with what’s going on around me instead of within my own life from only my own perspective.


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