Morning Bonus Read – Rest In Peace?

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
“This week, chat with your divination tools about what things in your life need to be laid to rest.”

Piatnik's The Horror! Movie Playing CardsWhat general area of my life needs to see some death at this point? (Relationships, work, education, physical health, mental health, etc)
Three of Clubs

Passion projects that you have been working on lately are now in need of being set aside.  There’s a handful of things you started that are just not going to get done.  Not right now.  Not this year.  Set them aside for now and you can reconsider them and whether they should be resurrected once the new year has passed.

What specific things do I need to lay to rest over the next month?
Ace of Clubs

This is an echo of the previous question with a bearing down of focus on those creative passion projects that you have begun to invest in most recently.  The holiday rush is coming on fast and will be here before you know it.  You might not want to set these things aside since you’re feeling so very passionate about them at the moment… but do it anyway.

How will this affect me emotionally?
Four of Spades

By setting these passion projects aside for the rest of the year, it will create space for you to rest and recover rather than feeling the need to “go go go” without any rest or restoration at all.

How will this affect me mentally?
Nine of Clubs

Setting aside projects in this way has a tendency to make me feel guilty and defensive about the need to set things aside in the first place and the decision to do so.

How will this affect me physically?
Three of Spades

Anxiety and my inner dialogue creating hurt feelings… here we come.  This physical reaction is a response to the mental recriminations going on.  It’s about inner demons spilling out into physical symptoms.  That’s okay.  Pretty soon I’ll be too damned busy to worry about it and the increased anxiety will fade.

How should I cope with these emotional effects in the healthiest way?
Seven of Diamonds

With time and patience.  It’s important to understand that what’s happening in the present is just temporary.  It’s okay… and soon time will trudge on and things will change again.  So look forward to where you want to go, and work in the direction of where you want to be when you get to the other side of the holiday rush.

How should I cope with these mental effects in the healthiest way?
King of Spades

Take control of your inner dialogue and shape that shit up.  You may not be able to control every single aspect of that inner voice, but when you catch yourself listening to those negative whispers?  Take control of the situation and turn things around in your favor.

How should I cope with these physical effects in the healthiest way?
Ten of Hearts

Just recently you have begun to feel a sense of emotional completion that you’ve never experienced before, and you understand that this experience is through the growth that you’ve been working with exploring over the spring and summer of this year.

The Ten of Hearts card here is about focusing on where you want to be at the end of running the gamut of the holiday rush.  You want to return to your emotional growth and leaning into a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence… and to that sense of emotional completion you’ve now had a hint of a taste of.  The goal is to find yourself on the path where you can return to the warm glow of leisurely emotional exploration.  Train you focus there, like a light at the end of a long tunnel glowing in welcome.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Rest In Peace?

  1. I like that about setting your sights on the light at the end of the tunnel. I think that’s a terrific way to looking forward to the end of holiday rush and the return to a more thorough exploration of your emotions. Just be careful not to toss all that you have learned over the last months to the wayside.

    You might not have time to deeply explore those feelings and you may not be able to afford to be AS kind to yourself, but you can still have both. You don’t have to sacrifice your emotions entirely, just acknowledge, accept and keep moving. We can always come back to those heavy feels when you have a little more time to delve into them. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist in the moment

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