Standing Up and Standing Out

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Hocus Pocus Tarot - Six of Candles - Six of WandsToday’s draw is the Six of Candles (Wands), which is traditionally a representation of public accolades, people pleasing, putting others opinions of you as a priority, prestige, or peer pressure.

What stands out to me the strongest in the imagery of today’s card is the crooked candle in the center.  All the other candles stand upright, all undisturbed and uniform, but there is one that does not.  One that marches to its own drummer. One that does not conform with the rest. And yet? Its flame still burns brightly, and that angle looks almost jaunty as the flame dances.

The message in today’s card is an encouragement to look at those places in our lives where we conform to the standards and demands of others instead of letting our uniqueness shine, and to examine why, as well as where we might let our unique selves shine more brightly going forward.


HealingThruTarot’s October Shadow Work Challenge Prompt
Questions for October 18th and 19th

Return to Cat Land OracleHow am I playing small in my life due to fear?

Times of uncertainty when your mind is scattered and you’re struggling with clarity (Fog) hold you back from accomplishing the personal growth and financial stability you desire (Luxury atop Growth).

More accidents and mistakes happen in these times when clarity is illusion e. Often, instead of moving forward during these times, you freeze. This moment of stagnancy then becomes a setback.

How is my shadow impeding my current goals?

Instead of viewing times if irritation (Bugged) as a phase in life that will pass and allowing patience to win out (Phases), you often react based on your emotions in the moment (Cat’s expression in the Bugged card).


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2022 Challenge Prompt
Philosophical Question
: Is there an afterlife?

Hocus Pocus TarotReading Summary: There are those that stay and refuse to budge (Four of Pumpkins), and those that slip out of life into the beyond filled with the urge to learn and explore the unknown (The High Priestess). Some move on and become something else… something new (Death), while others choose to stay and do their own thing on their own (The Hermit).

Take Away: These cards indicate that there is not just one afterlife, or one answer to this question.  There is no indication here of death “snuffing one out” and there being nothing beyond death… but the cards show here that what lies beyond the crossing point of death is different for everyone.


Daily Self Kindness

This is a catch-up post and I’m not entirely sure what my self-kindness might have been for today.

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