Burning Candles

Today’s meditation was skipped.

The Vampire's Tarot of the Eternal NightToday’s draw is the Ten of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of overwhelm, burnout, struggling under too much responsibility, and can indicate a need to do some prioritizing and delegation.

In the imagery of this card, a gargoyle ferries a carriage through the fog, the look on the gargoyle’s face determined as he splashes through the water and pulls the carriage forward.

But how long can they go on like that?  Sooner or later, they’re going to burn out.  They’re pushing too hard, and it’s going to catch up with them eventually, just as it does everyone that burns the candle at both ends.


Mr Lionhart’s Seasons of the Witch Challenge Prompt
Questions for October 28th thru 31st – The Veil

Daughters of Darkness Oracle Cards Set 1Spirits surrounding, will you head my call, can you give me guidance or not at all?

Top Left – Watch out for those that might try to pull you into pointless dispute or debate. They are just wasting your time and energy.

Cards on the table, ancestors respond, shareth your wisdom from somewhere beyond…

To Right – Make sure you are staying focus on the transition ahead into the holiday season. There are many distractions that will try to tempt you away from what needs to be done. Only through focus and determining for yourself what is truly important will you be able to stay on track.

Of blood and bone, of skin and seed, what part of you lives on in me?

Bottom Left – You carry forward both good and bad traits from your ancestors including the ability to find peoples’ triggers and use them to nudge others to your purpose, as well as a determination and drive that pushes you to try too hard and do too much and always be seeking more.

I honor, the witch within, my lineage, roots, my craft and kin, and as I walk between darkness and light, what shall bless my Sabbath night?

Bottom Right – In practicing rituals that you have done since you were a child you will find peace, and a connection that will give you answers if you are open in seeking them.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2022 Challenge Prompt
Question for October 29th
: Bewitched – What lies beneath the mask that you show the world?

The Vampire's Tarot of the Eternal NightReading Summary: You hide from the world both just how much you depend on Gideon (King of Cups). Specifically, how much you need him to help you in setting aside those things that hurt or frustrate you (Eight of Cups) in order to focus more on what makes you happy (Nine of Cups).

Take Away: Vulnerability hides there behind the mask of self-sufficiency and independence.  You pretend to be far stronger and self reliant than you are because you do not want others to see how much you depend on them.  How much you need them.

This vulnerability frightens you, and so you hide it away.


Daily Self Kindness

This is a catch-up post, and I can’t recall what my self-kindness might have been.

Last Harvest 2022 – Samhain

Coming up on October 31st is the third and Last Harvest of the 2022 autumn season.  Although this holiday (which is also known by most as Halloween and by many as Samhain) is celebrated around the world by those that embrace the rich history of many traditions that originated in Paganism, most don’t realize that is what they are doing… or that this holiday carries special significance as the eve of the Day of the Dead when the veil is at its thinnest between our world and those that have passed.


Like with new moons and full moons, I usually do a spread to check in with myself and give myself some direction for the next couple of months for each solstice, equinox, and other Sabbats. This spread is an adaptation of my Self Care Saturday spread, so there are sure to be  some similarities in how it is read. The focus of this spread, though, is not about Self Care, but rather about progress and my path. The time period is also longer, reaching through the next handful of weeks until the celebration of the upcoming Winter Solstice (aka. Yule) in December.

Samhain Tarot Reading with the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot, Compendium of Witches Oracle, Samhain Art Card, and Healing Herbal Cards Vol 1 & 2

Theme of the SeasonSamhain, First Quarter Moon, Clove (Syzygium aromaticum)

Samhain is a time of connection. It is a time when those that have passed have the chance to reach through the veil that separates the living from the dead and connect with us… if we are open to that connection. It is a time to honor our ancestors, both of the blood… and of the spirit.

The First Quarter Moon is a time of preparation, when the world is building in energy and the moon is growing towards full. There is a moment… a pause here where the world takes a breath before the final plunge towards the peak of the moon’s energy.

The Clove (Syzygium aromaticum) is a representation of stability, responsibility, and strength. It is a spice used in protection as well in many rituals and spells. On mundane matters, it is an antioxidant, and also an antibacterial that has been used for centuries to fight bad breath and gum disease.

When looking at these three cards together, the theme that I see here is one of preparation and protection. Reinforce your wards and make sure that you aren’t allowing yourself to to be pulled into interactions with those on the other side that could be harmful to you. Only through cleansing and protections can you ensure the season goes smoothly and you will be able to continue to build energy toward the full moon to come.

EarthSeven of Cups – It’s time to par down on your responsibilities. This includes those things that you do on your spiritual path that you can cut back on during the season ahead. Practical matters need to take precedence.

AirDeath atop King of Swords – You have no time right now to be stuck up in your head. Make sure you are communicating clearly and helping to guide others through the transition into the holiday season as smoothly as possible.

WaterThree of Cups Rx – There is no room in your life first parties and revelry at this time. With the holiday rush upon you in a mere week, you have to buckle down and temporarily set aside your desire for fun and frolic.

FireAce of Swords Rx – There is also no room for new ambitions and new ideas right now. Write them down and save them for later what’s the holiday season is over. You can then explore to your hearts content once more.

WaningThe Dusk Child and Ruins – Shadow work and the digging up of the past needs to take a back seat for a while.Time will come when you can pick up this part of your practice again, but for now it’s time to set such things to the side.

WaxingThe Shaman and Autumn – Pay attention to those things that feel like they are falling apart. It makes you feel vulnerable, but the process is actually one that builds strength if you are a part of the process instead of a “victim” of it.


Finding Comfort Cartomancy Reading

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows: “Let’s talk to our divination method of choice about what we can do to make ourselves more comfortable.

Bicycle Bone Riders Playing CardsWhat can I do to make myself more comfortable spiritually?

Page of Clubs and Five of Spades – Be proactive in connecting with those practices that inspire you.

What can I do to make myself more comfortable emotionally?

Seven of Spades and Eight of Spades – Strategically work to distance yourself from those things that frustrate you.

What can I do to make myself more comfortable mentally?

Ace of Spades, Ten of Clubs, Six of Clubs – Communicate clearly your refusal to allow peer pressure and social obligations to overwhelm you.

What can I do to make myself more comfortable physically?

King of Diamonds and Four of Clubs – Make sure that you are balanced and steady in your pursuit of your goals. Only with a steady foundation can you effectively build towards success.