Finding Balance in Stillness

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Ritual Abuse TarotToday’s draw is the Justice card, which is traditionally a representation of cause and effect, repercussions and consequences, fairness, truth, balance. and often the law and legal matters.

What comes around goes around. When I see the image on this card, that’s the phrase that comes to mind. It’s like the figure is leaning in to aggression. The head decapitated in the background, and blood still dropping from the sword.

The thing is? Scales can’t balance in chaos. Scales can’t balance with movement and aggression in the mix.

The message in today’s card is about how we find our balance in life, and how we find our footing on our life’s path.  It’s not through chaos and aggression.  It’s through taking a pause that you can allow for balance as the scales ease their sway.  In the quiet they can slow and still.  The more you fight and lean into the chaos, the more the scales will tip and sway.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2022 Challenge Prompt
Question for October 14th
: Poltergeist – What needs to be banished from your life?

To The End Love OracleReading Summary: You need to look at where in your life, either due to loving you (Love) or out of a sense of respect (Honor), your loved ones are enabling you in unhealthy ways (Temptation).

Take Away: It isn’t the love or respect that needs banishing, but rather what they are doing with it that is the problem. This boils down to a form of dishonesty, for they are withholding their true thoughts and feelings “out of respect” for your own choices, not fully realizing that your decision-maker can and is compromised at times by temptation, addictive tendencies, and self destructive urges.


Mr Lionhart’s Seasons of the Witch Challenge Prompt
Questions for October 14th thru 17th – The Ritual

Ritual Abuse TarotThe blade it cuts what’s rooted deep, what am I to rod of, what am I to keep?

Seven of Swords – Any thoughts of escaping what is to come need be let go of now. You are too close to the holiday rush for escapism fantasies, and need to instead pivot and fight.

Four of Swords – Make sure you are getting enough rest. You are no longer “of an age” where you have the boundless energy of your youth, and you need to make sure you are refilling your tank in order to make it through the weeks ahead without crashing.

The wand it swings, it works for me, how can I conjure what I may need?

King of Wands – Own your passion and drive, and control it with a tight fist. Delegate and direct so that you are not doing everything yourself.

I let the chalice guide my heart, I drink from it, I embrace this part:

Two of Cups – Those who love you are there to help. Don’t forsake their help and exclude them due to pride or a desire to not burden them. Instead, let them add their strength to yours.

From south, to north, from east to west, what am I to plant or to manifest?

King of Pentacles – Authority and stability need to be your main focus this season. Not independence.


Daily Self Kindness

I rested a lot today.  Lots of sleep and elevated leg time.