On the Right Foot

Today’s meditation was skipped because I fell asleep.

Tarot d' hYrtisToday’s draw is the Three of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of the first active step in a journey, progress towards a goal, and the seizing of opportunities.

To me, lipstick is a symbol of preparation. It’s that last little touch added the moment before you step through the door, step out in public, etc. The three colors represented here, therefore, are a question. They ask just exactly what is the right “last minute preparation” that is needed before you embark on your goals? How do you want to present yourself? Scattered? Deep? In charge? Sultry? Calming?

The first impressions we make stick with us in the minds of others. Although not always eternal, those first impressions nevertheless are an indication of how things will go forward from this moment of beginning.

Today’s card invites is to take a moment and consider what first impressions we want to make on others as we embark upon our path forward with them? What steps and small changes can we make to make sure that we start off that journey on the right foot?


HealingThruTarot’s October Shadow Work Challenge Prompt
Questions for October 6th and 7th

Tarot NuagesWhere am I deluding myself?

The High Priestess and Four of Swords – That you can keep going at the pace that you are now through the holiday season and still get the recovery and rest you will need through that time.

You are going to have to pull back on a lot of spiritual practices over the last two months of the year. You may not want to, but something has to give during that time in order to make room for the necessary influx of responsibility.

How does my shadow keep me distracted?

King of Wands and The Hermit – Your shadow tries to convince you again and again that you can do everything yourself and don’t need to ask for help. This distracts you from the fact that getting to your goals is not a solitary activity, but something shared with others who support you and your dreams, just as you support them and theirs.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2022 Challenge Prompt
Question for October 6th:
Skeleton – What secrets are you hiding that need exposed?

Tarot d' hYrtisReading Summary: Your friend’s troubles in their personal life (Six of Swords) are not something that you want to get involved in helping them plan for (Two of Wands), because you feel that at this time it would be too overwhelming for you and possibly your friendship as well (Ten of Wands).

Take Away: I’m used to being the support system for those close to me when shit falls apart in their lives (break ups, job changes, etc), but I can’t handle being a part of the planning of the “escape plan” right now. It’s just too much extra on my shoulders that I can’t handle at the moment. These cards are saying that I need to tell him as much.


Daily Self Kindness

I’m taking time today to catch up on blog posts today, to make sure that I don’t fall behind and end up feeling overwhelmed and guilty for falling behind.

Something Is Missing Tarot Reading

Something is Missing Tarot Reading with the Lorenzi Tarot

What is missing from my life.

The Fool – Innocence and care free fun. You spend so much time calculating trajectories that you leave little to no time to just cut loose and be worry-free.

Why I’m feeling like I don’t have enough of it.

Five of Pentacles – A lack of this carefree innocence creates a feeling of scarcity that you can’t let go of.

How this affects my energy.

Three of Wands – Those feelings of scarcity push you further along the path that you are already on where responsibility is king and carefree innocence takes a backseat.

How I can feel satisfied about it.

Nine of Cups – Combating these feelings of scarcity and ending this cycle requires pausing to look at and appreciate all that you have accomplished and how far you have come. This appreciation goes beyond acknowledgment, and into actually taking time to enjoy these things.

Where I need to look to find it.

Seven of Cups – The opportunity for innocence, joy, and carefree moments is around you everywhere. It’s not where you look, but in actually opening your eyes and choosing to see.