A Slow Rake of Claws

Today’s meditation was skipped.

The Lost Forest Tarot - Five of Cups - Five of OceansToday’s draw is the Five of Oceans (Cups), which is traditionally a representation of a negative mindset, closed mindedness, pessimism, and “sour grapes”.

The imagery in this card makes me think of drowning. Not the good kind of “drowning” that is actually subspace that I’ve renamed to fit how it feels to me personally, but more the bad emotional type of drowning where you sink and sink and sink… and it feels like there’s no bottom. The kind of drowning that starts by secluding yourself to find a little peace and quiet… and end up pulled down into the depths of a depression.

Today’s card is a reminder not to withdraw down deep into yourself. That’s where the monsters live. They lure you in with the promise of peace and quiet, then sink their claws into you and make you miserable. The temptation is a lie… a promise lain out as a trap.  Don’t allow it to tempt you into waters you can’t swim in or navigate safely or well.


HealingThruTarot’s October Shadow Work Challenge Prompt
Questions for October 17th
: What irrational fears lurk below the surface?

Spirits & Shadows Oracle and Le Tarot Interdit VampyriaFearThe Path and Le Monde – That you will lose your way along your path and end up on the wrong side of growth. After all, bacteria and infections can also experience growth if allowed to fester in the dark.

What can I do about this fear?

Remembrance and Sept de Miroir – Pick and choose the memories that you carry forward with you. Populate your memories with positive experiences and cherished moments, and let go of those that were painful.

FearExile and l’Étoile Rx – That others will consider you a lost cause and write you off, ostracizing you due to your depression driven pessimistic tendencies.

What can I do about this fear?

Death and Commandant de Pieu – Share with others your passions and those things that light up your spark of inspiration. In doing so, you light a fire within them as well as adding kindling to your own spark.

FearMelting and Deux de Pieu – All your plans, strategizing, and good intentions will be for naught.

What can I do about this fear?

Foresight and Neuf de Pieu – Don’t let this fear keep you from looking ahead and working on creating the boundaries needed to protect what is important to you. This fear is merely a perception that grows from your fear, and your efforts are not in vain.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2022 Challenge Prompt
Question for October 17th
: Samhain – As the last harvest approaches, what needs to be discarded from your life?

The Lost Forest TarotReading Summary: It’s time to let go of your focus on slow growth (Seven of Earth), and the emotional reassurances that you use to keep yourself moving slowly (Queen of Oceans). Instead, use this time to begin a quick growth spurt (Page of Skies) towards the speed, precision, and alacrity that will be needed in the weeks ahead (Eight of Skies).

Take Away: With the holiday rush just around the corner and only a couple of weeks off, it’s time to start gearing up and getting moving at a quicker pace.  You can return to developing that slower pace once more after the holiday season has drawn to a close, but for now?  Toss it on the back burner and give yourself permission to surge forward instead of moving at an ambling pace.


Daily Self Kindness

I’ve decided to accept Ms B’s help.  She offered to do some of the extra “helper tasks” that are involved in the holiday rush preparations.  I wasn’t sure about accepting, but the cards keep pushing so I’ve packed up a few things for her to see if any of them are something her eyesight will allow her to assist with.