Clean Slates

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Shadowland TarotToday’s draw is the Tower card, which is traditionally a representation of sudden change, chaotic transformation, destruction, and the tearing down of something within one’s life or beliefs that leaves room for something new to take its place.

Sometimes? No matter how much you try to mitigate the damage, the “fall” is unavoidable.  That’s what I see here in the imagery for this card, wth a figure blasted off the tower of the building in the background trying to use an umbrella to slow their plummet to the ground.  An umbrella is not going to cut it, though.

That is because there are always going to be times when only a full and complete destruction will lead us to the new path we are meant to tread. Otherwise?  We cling to the shreds of the old instead of committing ourselves completely to the new.

I am absolutely guilty of this, and got smacked in the face with it earlier when I thought my phone had bit the dust. In the end, it was fixable and I get to cling to my old phone just a little longer…  but at the same time, this experience, and today’s card, make it clear it’s time to look into an upgrade whether I want to or not.


HealingThruTarot’s October Shadow Work Challenge Prompt
Question for October 10th
: What emotions do I struggle to express?

Golden Age of Horror Comics TarotThe “Fuck It, I Quit” EmotionsEight of Cups and Half Bat Boy – You have a hard time walking away from things, especially those that you’ve put a lot of effort in. You continue trying to “make it work” instead of just letting it go.

Contentment When Things Aren’t “Just Right” Nine of Cups and Bumble Beast – You can’t just say “it’s fine” when something doesn’t fit for you. Neither can you hide that it isnt a good fit.

Hope in Times of StruggleThe Star and Gunbeam Bread – You are far more likely to keep your head down and push onward when hardship hits than express hope and positivity.  It’s just part of who you are to try and work through it and try to ignore the problems rather than approach them from an angle of positivity.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2022 Challenge Prompt
Shadowland TarotQuestion for October 10th
: Trick – What is fooling you that needs to be seen more clearly?

Reading Summary:  Are you really resting (Four of Swords Rx) when you forsake pleasure and fun (Ten of Cups Rx) for leaning in with determination toward your goals and ambitions (Ace of Wands)?

Take Away: Time off is not time off unless you actually rest, recover, and have a little fun.

This week is supposed to be your time off, and these cards are stating that sitting at home throughout the entire week looking at all the stuff that needs to be done is not healthy for you at this time. Do the thing, step outside your comfort zone, and give yourself what you need to truly rest and recover before it’s too late and there’s no more time for these things until after the New Year.


Daily Self Kindness

I took the advice of the cards above and did the spontaneous thing.  Taking advantage of a free night at a hotel, I gave myself an entire day of forest and woods and beach and sea air.  I spent the entire day outside and getting in touch with nature.