It Takes Guts

Today’s meditation was skipped

Dead Waite TarotToday’s draw is the King of Pentacles, which is traditionally a representation of a projective alpha energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s finances, resources, home, health, labors, and other elements of the physical world.

The poor Zombie King may not have much contained in his ribcage anymore because you can see all the way through to his spine, but he’s still got his guts.

It takes guts to be king.  It takes guts to be in charge and be responsible for your actions, for your family, for your own health, for your stability.

Today’s card is about those guts, and about making sure to acknowledge just where your strengths lie, and what you use those “guts” for.  Where do your strengths shine? Where do you dig deep in your core for strength to create stability in your life?  Where can you reach a little deeper?  Where have you done more than enough?  Take time to examine these questions today, and your answers to them.  Are you happy with what you come up with in answer? Or are there things you’d like to change?


HealingThruTarot’s October Shadow Work Challenge Prompt
Question for October 21st
: Which emotions drive my sabotaging behaviors?

Tricks & Treats OracleEmotion Witch – There is a savagery within you that is harsh and cruel. It seeps into your inner narrative and is turned inward upon yourself.

What can I do to mitigate this?

Strength – Sometimes you have to literally strong-arm your inner critic under control. Consider the ways that have worked most successfully to force your inner narrative to yield to a more positive influence and use those tactics again.

Emotion Potential – You set your expectations for yourself far too high. This sets you up for failure.

What can I do to mitigate this?

Four of Cups – Take time to turn things over and consider before committing to anything. If you already have enough on your plate, perhaps refusing the extra cup being offered is a good idea, instead of trying to convince yourself you can take on a little more… that always turns out to be a lot more than “a little”.

Emotion Mysterious – When you are feeling uncertain, you blame yourself for these anxiety inducing feelings, and berate yourself for feeling vulnerable.

What can I do to mitigate this?

The Emperor – Own your feelings instead of shaming yourself for having them. Accept that everyone has times when they feel uncertain or vulnerable, and it is in owning your feelings that you can overcome them… for when you bury them or berate yourself for them, you’re only making things worse.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2022 Challenge Prompt
Question for October 21st
: Buried Alive – What in the past needs to be dug up and dealt with?

Dead Waite TarotReading Summary: The passions and desires you had in the past and the places you were going with them (Page of Wands) have been swallowed up over time by life (The World) and the choices you’ve made (Justice).

Take Away: You aren’t on the path that you started on so many years ago. Your job is different, your goals are different, and those things that you had planned on accomplishing did not get done, in favor of other things and distractions that pulled at your attention along the way. You need to let go of the disappointment you feel towards yourself concerning these things you didn’t finish.  You didn’t “drop the ball”, but rather, you intentionally let them go in order to focus on what suits you far better.


Daily Self Kindness

This post is a catch-up post, and I have no idea what my self-kindness for today might have been.