Clearing Your Space Tarot Reading

Clearing Your Space Reading with the Embroidered Graveyard Oracle

What do I need to know before using this space?

Reign Breaker – There is a need to seize control of this space, to flow your energy through it and allow it to see your strength.  Use this strength to protect what is important to you without restraint, for there is no need to be shy here.  Be bold. Be impetuous.  Demand what you want rather than allowing the energies here to dictate how it is used.

Vibration of the energy that is leaving this space.

Our Song – The echoes of those that have lived and died on this land seek to depart as new life arrives.  They do not wish to leave in vain, though, but wish you to hear what they have to say before they move on.

Type of energy I should channel to clear.

Celebrate Uniqueness – Every home is unique, as they are a place where one’s self expression finds a voice, and we find comfort in surrounding ourselves in those things we love and enjoy.  In clearing this space of those energies of the past, use this individuality to create something new and uniquely yours.

The new vibration that is entering this space.

Mother – This is what you are… and it is why you are here.  To be close to those you love and connect with those that call you “mother”.  You nurture and seek to slide into this role more fully and with greater purpose at this time in your life, and in everything you do, your mindset and energy fills this “mother” role.

Energy I should bring into this space once its been cleared.

Absolute Protection – Change the locks and put poles in the window channels. Put up wards and protections to help keep you and your home safe. Seek out those things that don’t just make you feel safe, but actually provide an extra level of safety and protection.  Fire extinguishers.  Fire alarms. A security system and a doorbell with a camera.  Not everything is magical in nature, as practical matters are also paramount for well rounded protection.


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