The Gratitude Postcards Oracle Set

The Gratitude Postcards Oracle Set

I had someone ask me the other day what the “Gratitude Postcards Oracle Set” is that I sometimes use in my readings. I figured it was something others might find interesting. So here it is!

Essentially, this is a collection of postcards, art prints, and other thank you notes that I have collected over the years from kickstarter deck campaigns, indie deck purchases, etc. It bothered me that they were all just sitting around and not being used in some way, and I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away.

So now, I cut them all down to the same size, round the corners, and put them all together to use as a deck of cards for readings. The deck is ever-expanding as new thank you cards and prints come in.

The Gratitude Postcards Oracle Set

The box is currently just a handmade box, but I’m looking for something more permanent and fitting. I just haven’t found it yet.

I currently have about 200 of them, perhaps a bit over that now. I often use them in a type of reading that I call an “anchor card” reading, where I use the postcard as the anchor, and use connections in the imagery between the post card and the other tarot or oracle cards I pull to do the reading itself.

The Gratitude Postcards Oracle Set

Finding Rest Cartomancy Reading

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows: “Let’s ask our divination tool of choice how we can better find rest in our lives, what we need a break from, and how we can get more of the downtime we need!

Standarte 1815 Playing CardsWhat do I need a break from?

King of Hearts and Ten of Spades – Subdrop. Mini-death-and-rebirth moments of misery that lie at Gideon’s feet. There’s been a bit of a struggle with this lately and avoidance because of it. Maybe it’s time to try something new for a bit rather than going onward with the same.

How can I better find rest in my life?

Ace of Spades and Queen of Diamonds – Communicate your needs clearly and allow others to help in fulfilling them. You don’t have to deal with everything all on your own all the time.  Let others assist you in finding the answers you need.

How can I get more of the down time I need?

Eight of Hearts and Four of Diamonds – Put down “want to” efforts and focus on only the “need to” things on your list for a while. Pressuring yourself into doing more just because you can doesn’t make it good or healthy for you.

How can I get the most benefit out of my down time?

Nine of Spades atop Two of Diamonds – Do not allow your worries and anxieties to drive you into unbalanced behaviors.


Next Phase Tarot Reading

The Next Phase Tarot Reading with Granny's Postcards Tarot

What I’m being called to do next on my journey.

Four of Cups – Work on opening up and being less apathetic.  Also… Do your damned meditation already.

What this looks like for me.

The Hermit – Alone time of the healthy sort. Don’t use this alone time to wallow in empty “feel good” methods of wasting time.  Use that alone time in healthy ways instead.

Action I can take to initiate this next phase.

Three of Wands – Just do it. Add it to the path forward rather than waiting on whim or chance to fit it into your day. If you actually schedule it into the path forward, you guarantee room for it each and every day.

How this next phase of my journey will impact me.

The High Priestess – It will help you connect more strongly with your intuition and inner knowledge.

Something I need to understand about this next phase.

King of Swords – You can’t reason your way out of it… or into it either.  This has to do with emotions and intuition, and doesn’t lie in the logic nor is it something you can strong-arm into compliance through plotting and strategy.  As the Three of Wands already said… just do it.

A message from spirit I need to hear right now.

Strength – Doing your meditation regularly provides you with the strength and fortitude that you need in order to deal with things as they come at you instead of falling apart under the stress.


Where Has My Energy Gone? Tarot Reading

Where Has My Energy Gone Tarot Reading with the Winter Waite Tarot 2022 Santa Helper's Edition

What Has Been Weighing On You

Two of Swords – Decisions on direction. There’s a lot to sort through and decide upon this time of year, when you are transitioning from the drastic difference between the holiday rush and the rest of the year. It is sort of a “fresh start” moment for you and you want to put your best food forward towards a positive, productive, and enjoyable future in the next year. With so many things to think about and decide upon, sometimes it can be difficult to avoid getting stuck in the quagmire of indecision.

How to Face It

The Fool – Just plunge forward and have some fun. Everything doesn’t have to be so serious all the time, and it’s okay to just “wing it” now and then and see what happens.

First Step to Get Back In Action

Six of Pentacles – Be generous with yourself and others. Don’t be a hypocrite when it comes to the differences between how well you treat others and how badly you treat yourself.  And, make sure that you are not holding back when there is a need to be met.


Tarot Mirror Tarot Reading

Winter Waite Tarot 2018 Edition

Card that best represents me at this time.

Page of Pentacles – Slowing down, but still moving forward.  The holiday rush is easing up and the pace is slowing down, but you’re still on task and moving forward with your eye on the prize.

Why the card best represents me.

Queen of Pentacles – You want to continue to keep things flourishing where your financial security and stability in life are concerned.  You foster these goals through your work, and through staying invested, no matter the pace.

What I’m avoiding acknowledging right now.

Three of Swords – Although the holiday rush was busy, it wasn’t as big of a success as you were hoping it would be.  This is a disappointment, and instead of dealing with that disappointment, you’re pushing it off to the side and hoping it’ll disappear on its own.

What can I do to embrace who I am in this moment?

Judgement – Ease up on yourself and look at the long term goals instead of focusing on small disappointments that are inconsequential to the larger picture.  Stop nitpicking yourself and blaming the smaller return this year on your performance instead of on the fact that money is extremely tight right now for everyone.

Where life is leading me right now.

Temperance – Continue to slow down from the rush and work at making the transition to a more moderate pace a smooth one.


Unknown Darkness Tarot Reading

Unknown Darkness Winter Solstice Oracle Reading with The Christmas Oracle

My unknown darkness.

Shoes and Hay – The fear that what you offer will not be enough. That you are not enough. You work very hard to avoid and not acknowledge this fear, but it is always there lingering just out of sight, driving you forward in many ways that are both healthy and unhealthy.

How to overcome this darkness.

Yule Log – Return to and focus upon the changes you have made in your life to lighten and brighten your outlook. Lean into your efforts towards positivity, optimism, and self-kindness. When you lighten your outlook, you also lighten the dark inner narratives that whisper in your ear.

How to use this darkness productively.

Lights – This darkness shines alight upon those things you can do better and improve, both in what you do as well as within yourself. It pushes you to be better and do better, and to fight to exceed even your highest expectations.

Why does this darkness scare you?

Tree – This darkness scares you because it makes you feel barren and empty, separating you from others and leaving you all alone. It is hard to connect with others when you are forcing yourself to put all of your focus and efforts on your own performance.

Why do you enjoy this darkness?

Rudolph – You enjoy this darkness because it is a useful tool that forces you to strive harder for a level of excellence that allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Your guiding light this solstice.

Cookies and Milk – Generosity, kindness, and taking time to truly appreciate the little things are where you need to lean in and focus.

The conquering light.

Angel – Listen to your guides and reach out to them for guidance when this darkness becomes too much, or when it begins to take over and overwhelm you.