Deserving of Happiness Lenormand Reading

Deserving of Happiness Lenormand Reading - Slavic Folklore Lenormand

What makes me think that I don’t deserve happiness?

The Letter and The Rodent – Corrosive messages from family that I’ve received throughout my youth having stuck with me all this time.

Why don’t I trust joyful moments in my life?

The Tower and The Ring – I feel an obligation to always watch out and protect. That means being aware of the ways in which you can be fucked over and watching for them. It is my responsibility to do this, and it means that joyful moment are often looked at with suspicion instead of taken at face value.

How can I understand that I deserve happiness?

The Bear and The Moon – Treat yourself as you would others. Be kind.

How can I forgive myself for believing that I don’t deserve happiness?

The Wolf and the Man – Another reminder to treat yourself kindly. Choose to be your own best friend.

Some reasons why I’m deserving of happiness.

The Child and The Fox – That child that resides inside you needs care, no matter how difficult they may be to reach.

Moving Forward / Words of Encouragement

The Key and The Grave – You can let go of these unhealthy habits, move on from them, and find a better way. Make the voice to break free.


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