Comfort In My Own Skin Tarot Reading

Comfort In My Own Skin Tarot Spread - R Black Tarot

Where do I seek external validation?

Judgement and Ace of Cups – Sometimes when I tap in to my emotions in this path of emotional growth that I’ve chosen, I need validation from others that these emotions are okay… are normal. Are acceptable. (Mainly because if left up to me alone, I’d consider them not to be.) So much of this new path in emotional growth is unfamiliar that I find myself seeking out Gideon to help me not just translate, but to actually reassure me as I fumble my way along this journey.

What am I being invited to accept about myself?

Son of Swords Rx and The Lovers – It’s okay not to dive in and move fast.  It’s okay to take your time, to savor and enjoy. Even when things are busy.  Even when you feel the urge to push.  Instead of pushing and acting impulsively, allow yourself to stay steady and move with purpose, but at a speed that allows enjoyment.  This is a healthier path, and something you need.

What would happen if I showed my true self?

Four of Cups – This isn’t something you struggle with, but rather that you share so much of yourself.  Sometimes, possibly, to much. You need to make sure to take some time to make sure that your protections are in place.  There is also mention here that in meditation you can find the grounding that you need at this time, not just in work or your emotional growth, but also in your relationships and interactions with others.  More centering means less chaos and less discomfort.

How can I be more comfortable in my own skin?

Father of Wands – Own everything that you do and all that you are, even your mistakes. Apologize as needed.


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