Samhain Tarot Reading with the Old Whispers Tarot

Old Whispers Tarot - Samhain Tarot Reading

Death: What is coming to an end in your life?

Ten of Swords – A cycle is coming to an end and the beat to fuck feeling of being unable to move is coming with it.  You will not be stagnant and struggling forever.

Death: What aspect of yourself you no longer are.

Knight of Swords – The time in your life when you foolishly go flying forward into battle with impulsivity at the tip of your blade has come to an end.  You have tasted the forbidden fruit of rest and recuperation, and found a liking for the taste.

Trick: Negative influences getting in your way of letting go.

Five of Wands – The principles of your past and the new ones your establishing are clashing against each other.  Rest vs motivation. Self care vs delving into your work. These conflicting passions are getting in your way.  There is no balance here, only a struggle for dominance. Is balance even possible? Or will you need to pick a side and stand firm?

Treat: Positive influences. Blessings in disguise.

Three of Pentacles atop Five of Cups – You disinterest and dissatisfaction is creating more opportunity for you to work with others instead of taking everything upon your own shoulders. Because you’re not so gung-ho about work, you are less willing to take the full weight of the work and the business on your own.  You reach out to others more, involve them more, and allow them to help rather than pushing them away to do it all yourself.

Cat: Your inner wisdom. The biggest lesson learned this year.

Four of Swords – Rest is important. Recuperation is important.  You need it.  In interspersing time off into each month, you have successfully managed to avoid even a single bout of catastrophic burnout for a full year.

Ghost: What is still haunting you.

Nine of Swords – Your mental health is not at its best. You’re struggling with the edges of cloying depression and can’t seem to shake the clinging tendrils of it.  Perhaps you cut back to your normal dose of meds a little too early when heading off the onset of that last MDE.  Next time try three weeks instead of two.

Spider: The road ahead. The life you are weaving for yourself.

Eight of Wands atop Nine of Cups Rx – The road you are currently on is not a good one. You’ve been neglecting yourself for the past couple of weeks.  Self care has gone down the toilet, and your running on autopilot with the business instead of getting ahead of things a little at a time as you’d planned to do. Continuing on this course will only lead (very quickly) to unhappiness.

Bat: The fear that remains.

Knight of Pentacles – That slow progress is no progress.  Not that you’re making any particular progress at the moment, you’re backsliding. But, as always, you struggle with the concept of slow progress. You need to stop looking at slow progress as having your wings clipped.


One thought on “Samhain Tarot Reading with the Old Whispers Tarot

  1. You don’t have to choose baby. We went thru this last year and discovered you can have both, it just takes a bit of effort and dedication. Not only to your work but also to your own needs.

    I also think that dosage thing should be determined on a case by case basis as you don’t know how long you need that extra boost until it’s happening.

    I think you need a few days to catch your breath and re evaluate what needs done right now and what can wait or be delegated

    Also stopping immediately before the “oh fuck” of rush prep was likely bad timing

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