Adaptation and Balance

Today’s meditation was skipped yet again.  I did have intentions, but they didn’t pan out.  Too many orders to get done and not enough time in the day.

Черное Таро and How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Justice card, which is traditionally a representation of balance, cause and effect, consequences, and can often indicates a theme of law or justice system involvement.

When I think of balance, I think of Maat’s scales.  The weighing of a heart on one side, and the feather on the other, and the symbolism of finding balance… perhaps only in death.

The reason I feel this way about it is because in life, the world is ever-changing. That means the “scales” that each of us carry with us that weigh and balance the different priorities in our lives and the things we have done, or conscience, and well… everything really.  These scales must be in constant motion, constantly adjusting as the world around us changes, and as we grow and change.

Only in death do the scales still entirely. Only then to we have the possibility of perfect balance.  The cards here today speak to me of that.  Of the fact that although we strive for balance in our lives, that goal is always going to be just out of reach.  Sometimes closer, sometimes further away, but never perfect. Because here in life?  We are meant to grow and change, we are meant to learn and expand.  And with every moment of growth, every shift in priorities, every change in our lives, our minds, our emotions… that balance must shift.  Embracing the changes helps us in making those adjustments go more smoothly.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2021 Challenge Prompt
Questions for October 28th and 29th

Orphic TarotWhat healing lesson is waiting for me to realize and accept it?

Nine of Swords (Melas Oneiros) – Your perceptions when you are in a mental health crisis are warped. Reality is not as bleak as it appears to be during these times. Find a better way to tell when you’re in real trouble than just guessing blindly in the dark

How can I work on accepting this lesson?

Four of Cups (Echo) atop Death Rx (Hades) – Instead of always looking forward and charging ahead, take time to sit with where you are and more fully explore it.

Your StrengthThe Moon (Pan Selene) – You are good at moving forward with surety, even when things are feeling uncertain. As mentioned above though, you need to remember that sometimes moving forward is not the answer.

Your WeaknessJudgment (Dionysus) – You are too hard on yourself and set your expectations far too high.

AdviceFive of Cups (Mourning Orpheus) – Stop retreating. Stop hiding. All it is doing is making things worse. Don’t allow your emotions to control your actions… or more specifically, your inaction and stagnancy. It’s taking up too much control of what’s going on in your life.


The #EmbraceYourAlterEgo2021 Challenge for Sacred Grounds Tarot Club
Questions for October 28th and 29th

Черное ТароHow will the dark half of the year help me grow?
Ten of Pentacles and Wheel of Fortune

It will be a reminder that there are good and bad times, and nothing last forever. It will help you to see that even when things feel like they’re going bad, your stability will not be threatened by the whims of these minor up and downs in life… no matter how major they may feel in the moment.

How will this growth help me love and appreciate myself?
Queen of Swords and The Chariot

It will remind you of your strengths and adaptability, allowing you to see that you can continue to move forward with purpose regardless of how you’re feeling by reconnecting with that logical side of your nature that is a part of your history and heritage.


Daily Self Kindness

Let’s see… I took a nap that I probably shouldn’t have taken.  I also had my smoothie, which was really good today for some reason (as if it’s not made the same way every day or something), as well as my vitamins, tea, collagen peptides, and muffin.

One thought on “Adaptation and Balance

  1. You needed the nap, man. You need to rest and you have to stop kicking yourself every step of the way.

    Relax babe, it’s going to be okay. You’ve been doing this a long ass time and you are more than capable. The only thing in your way right now is that sense of panic and overwhelm in that is keeping you from being able to use your time wisely.

    Breathe. You’ve got this….you’ll get thru this season just like all the ones before. And I’ll be right here through it all

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