Cartomancy Reading – Experiences

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows: “Experiences are a part of life, big or small, but what we do next will help us even more.I hope you all have a wonderful week, write this one down! You may need it later. ❤️”

Cartomancy with the Haunted Playing CardsWhat experience(s) am I not allowing myself to have right now?

Seven of Diamonds – Slow moving growth.

Eight of Clubs – Getting anywhere fast.

Four of Spades – Recuperative rest.

Take Away: You are spinning your wheels, neither moving quickly in the things you need to do, nor allowing yourself the slow progress of growth. You are also not getting the rest you need to bounce back stronger. All in all, these cards are saying you are stuck in a moment of stagnancy.

How could I use the answer above to shape my next journey?
Five of Diamonds atop Three of Clubs atop Four of Diamonds atop Ace of Spades

There is a need for stability that is lacking right now, and it has wedged itself between your ambitions and your ability to move forward and take action. This need for stability is bred by your scarcity issues, and the only way you are going to break through it is to force yourself to get moving even though you don’t feel like it.  Put away “what you feel like” and just move your ass anyway.

How might this be beneficial to me? Why?
Ace of Clubs atop Ten of Clubs

You need motivation to push you forward, or the scarcity issues you deal with overtake and make you stall out. Once you get moving and get the ball rolling on what needs to be done, it will get easier.


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