A Liminal Time Tarot Reading

A Liminal Time Tarot Reading - The Infernal Tarot

1. Otherworld – a message from the otherworld

Three of Wands – Get moving. The time for planning has passed.  You need to get your ass in gear and start getting things done.

2. Thinning veil – honoring what is

Four of Wands – Hearth and home. This ties into some other readings you’ve done this week, and the need for a greater amount of gratitude considering all that you have.

3. Final Harvest – gathering nourishment for the soul

King of Swords – Embody the ambition and responsibility that is required of you, and the rest will fall into place.

4. Death – what I’m readying to release

King of Cups – As the holiday rush begins, you will have to release the extra time and attention you’ve been enjoying with Gideon. It sucks, but  you know that’s how it has to be.

5. Transmutation – supporting my cyclical passage

Two of Cups – Let those around you help and support you as you dive into the busy season.  You don’t have to go at it alone.


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