Lenormand Reading – Illuminate

Malefique Lenormand

How to find the flame of hope in trouble times?

Coffin and Child – Look at these problems as an impetus for change and the opportunity to start fresh.

How to ignite the flame of hope?

Letter and Cross – Use crappy news to spark your oppositional nature and get you worked up. The stirring up of energy feeds into your hope, as it awakens your determination.

How to keep the light of hope burning within?

Book and Heart – When you need a little extra help fanning the flames of hope, reach out to Gideon for this. He knows you better than anyone.. often better than you know yourself, and has the ability to lift you up.

How to amplify my light and shine for others?

Tree and Anchor – Amplify your light by making sure that you are taking care of yourself.  You can’t help others if you are wearing yourself down and not caring for yourself properly.


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