Cartomancy Reading – Daily Habits

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
I bet you thought I forgot about today! Well, I kind of did and that’s because I didn’t have my routine in check today. So, let’s ponder on that.”

Bicycle's Vintage Vampires Playing CardsWhat do I think about my daily habits?

Seven of Spades – A necessary evil. A time sucker that has to be included in my day.

How do I feel about my daily habits?

Jack of Diamonds – They are a work in progress. You are in the process of learning how to be kinder to yourself, and through that kindness, treat yourself better. It takes time, and that is frustrating.

Are my daily habits something I should look at more deeply?

Seven of Diamonds atop King of Hearts – Yes, with Gideon’s help present along the way to give you a different, kinder perspective. Take your time with it. This is a life journey, not a quick fix.

Where will my daily habits carry me forward into the future?

Ten of Clubs – As you move forward into the future, make sure that you are not losing focus on the most important aspect of this journey in kindness. That includes doing what is needed to mitigate burnout, and keep it under control.

Will these habits be a positive influence on my future?

Six of Clubs atop Four of Spades – Absolutely. By feeling more rested and allowing yourself recovery time, you open yourself up to greater success with less setbacks along the way.

How could I rearrange my habits, if I need to?

Two of Clubs – Plan ahead. Make sure you have times of rest set into your schedule. Planning these times into your schedule ahead of time will ensure you get what you need when you need it.

Should I rearrange my habits?

Eight of Diamonds – Only if you are going to improve upon what you are learning about being kind to yourself. No backsliding.

If yes, is there anything that could help me with that?

Five of Spades – Don’t fight so hard against these changes that are ultimately only going to benefit you.

Take Away: I did not set out with a specific daily habit in mind with this reading, but it became clear rather quickly that this reading is about getting the rest and restoration time I need. Ie: sleep, meditation, and time off.

Bonus: “You are always on the path to the best version of yourself no matter what the day may bring. You just keep getting better and I’m proud of you. 🖤


One thought on “Cartomancy Reading – Daily Habits

  1. You are feeling really resentful about the rush this year and I think that means that you are finally starting to not just accept your time of relaxation but enjoy it, even count on it. It doesn’t mean you can blow off rush but it’s progress. It means you are learning to slow down and be kinder to yourself.

    Rush is just 6-7 weeks baby. It feels like forever but it will pass. Just remember to be kind to yourself even in the busy times. Especially in the busy times

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